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Bold Feminist Apparel to Wear in Celebration of Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is officially in full swing, and if you’re looking for a way to make a statement, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got you covered head-to-toe (literally) with these nine bold and beautiful statement pieces that’ll scream what’s on your mind. Pay tribute to powerful feminist icons and remind everyone that women deserve respect, not only this month, but every month to come.

1. Don’t Tell Me To Smile Shark Long-Sleeve from Feminist Apparel ($39.95)

Because it’s 2018, and women are over it. This sassy but oh-so-necessary long-sleeve tee from Feminist Apparel will serve as a fierce reminder that women don’t owe anyone anything, not even a smile. 

2. Feminist AF Leggings from Look Human ($59)

Because your feminism knows no bounds. You’re not just a feminist—you’re feminist AF. Wear these bright pink leggings from Look Human loud and proud this month to remind everyone that “feminist” is not a word to be afraid of.

3. Frida Kahlo Unisex T-Shirt from Redbubble ($19.50)

Represent a major feminist and women’s history icon with this colorful Frida Kahlo tee from Redbubble. The beautiful artwork not only pays tribute to Kahlo’s artistic background, but it also celebrates her radical and powerful statement made through her facial hair. 

4. More Empower to You Socks from Modcloth ($12)

Celebrate Women’s History Month head to toe with these feminist socks from Modcloth. Featuring a primary color scheme, these socks are an important reminder (and an easy conversation-starter) that everyone can (and should, tbh) be a feminist.

5. ‘We Can Do It’ Sweater from Wicked Clothes ($38)

Considering that we lost Naomi Parker Fraley (the OG Rosie the Riveter) in January 2018, there’s no better time to rock this bold sweater and celebrate one of the most iconic females in American history this Women’s History Month, thanks to Wicked Clothes.

6. Wild Feminist™ Button Up from Wildfang ($74)

Make yourself heard with this sharp and wildly feminist button up from Wildfang. Not only will you celebrate Women’s History Month in style, but you’ll also be supporting the Malala Fund with your purchase, as a portion of the proceeds goes directly to this cause.

7. Hand Drawn Boobs Feminist Hat from Etsy ($11)

Free the nipple in a whole new way with a hat that says it all. This hand-drawn beauty from Etsy will make a bold statement the second you walk through the door.

8. Catcallin’ Ain’t Cute! Lion Feminist Animal Crew Neck T-Shirt from Etsy ($24)

Because, unfortunately, people still need a reminder! Get the respect you deserve this month and every month with a t-shirt from Etsy that explains the obvious in the best possible way.

9. Our Leaders Tee from Femininitees ($32)

If you want to go all out this Women’s History Month, then look no further than this limited-release from Femininitees! Featuring powerful silhouettes and quotes from famed feminist heroes including Angela Davis and Malala Yousafzai, this collection embodies the true essence of feminism, while a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Organization for Women.

Amanda graduated from Carthage College with a Bachelor's degree in both Communications and Public Relations. She also proudly served as the Editor in Chief of her college's Her Campus chapter, and as a Her Campus Editorial Intern. She is from Chicago, Illinois, which she can confirm is indeed a windy city. Today she can still be found furiously tapping away at her laptop keys and producing content for the internet. In her spare time she enjoys reading books (before watching their Netflix or movie adaptions), running for fun (yes, it can be fun) and spending time with her friends and family.
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