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Blondie Is Working on a Badass Clothing Line With Obey

Debbie Harry, lead singer of legendary punk-rock band Blondie, is collaborating with fashion designer Shepard Fairey to release a new limited edition clothing line for his label Obey. Since the ’70s, Blondie has rocked the world with her edgy and diverse style, making her the perfect fit for the brand’s effortlessly cool aesthetic. While working with her, Fairey remarked, “I’ve been a Blondie fan my whole life and have collaborated with them in the past, which has been a dream come true. But working with Debbie on this project has been totally inspiring.”

This collab comes just as Blondie celebrates the 40th anniversary of her band’s debut in NYC, another milestone in a very busy and exciting time for the singer. Fans of hers will be happy to know that, according to Fairey, “She’s been very involved and hands-on for the whole process – just another display of her incredible talent.”

In the meantime, we’ll be “dreaming” of the collab’s release! 

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