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5 Cruelty Free Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support Right Now

Purchasing from Black-owned brands helps energize artists, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, business owners, chefs— you name it. Whether you’re looking for a new makeup product or an item of clothing, it’s important to buy from Black-owned companies in order to help amplify their voices and honor their talent. Now is the time to do that extra research and look into brands you aren’t as familiar with to broaden your beauty horizon! It takes conscious effort to support diverse businesses, so make sure that you keep this in mind when you’re shopping. 

Recently, there have been a plethora of social media posts educating people on Black-owned businesses to shop, which is amazing, but I haven’t really seen any posts about cruelty-free Black-owned brands. Cruelty-free brands do not sell in China and refuse to ever test their products on animals. I am a cruelty-free advocate, and only use cruelty-free products in my daily routine for skincare, makeup and body care — but I also want to make sure that I’m supporting a diverse range of brands. I want to encourage you to do the same! 

So without further ado, here are a few brands you should be shopping from, because you may just find your new favorite product among these. 

Shea Moisture


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Shea Moisture is a powerhouse company to say the least. It’s one of the most well-known beauty brands out there, found in most drugstores, and the company has been extremely vocal and active during the recent Black Lives Matter movement. The brand’s roots stem from Sofi Tucker, an African woman who began selling Shea Nuts in Sierre Leone back in 1912 and then went on to sell Shea Butter, African soap, and skincare. 

Their products are never tested on animals, and Shea Moisture uses natural ingredients to create real solutions for any skin or hair concern. One of my favorite products is their Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Shampoo for all hair types, which retails at $12. They aim to be “inclusively exclusive,” meaning their products are accessible to everyone. 

Honey Pot Company


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Founded by Bea Dixon, the Honey Pot Company is the first complete feminine care line made from all natural herbs and founded by a Black woman. Bea’s products are meant to cleanse, protect and balance your honey pot (your vagina). The company’s motto is “made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.” 

Feminine care should be 100% normalized, and this company is taking quite a few steps in that direction. Products available include wipes, washes, menstrual cups, tampons, pads, and even postpartum products. Everything is cruelty-free, biodegradable, affordable, and made by women. How awesome is that?

I especially like the sound of the Refreshing Panty Spray in Jasmine, which retails at only $8. 



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Pronounced “cake,” this brand makes skincare fun and simple with products that are plant-based, cruelty-free, and that will literally make your routine a “piece of cake.” It was founded by Keli Smith, and her products aim to solve a variety of skincare issues specific to melanin-rich skin.

Trust me, you’ll want to lather yourself in their Frosting hair & body butter $25, and devour their Marshmallow clay mask & scrub $20



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Foxie believes beauty is whatever you want it to be! This brand is visually stunning and ethically made—what more could you want? Founder Kayla Phillips began hand-crafting bath bombs, soaps, and other skincare products when she was only 14. She has now greatly expanded her line of products. She keeps everything vegan and cruelty-free, and creates bath products that are specific to those with chronic aches and pains. I’m dying to try her Velvet Moisture Face Mask which is on sale right now for $20!

Coloured Raine 


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Coloured Raine was founded by Loraine Dowdy, who wanted to bring a line to life that encourages diversity (especially an inclusive shade range) and self expression. This company is set apart by “a belief in all things beauty, with no stipulations on color, age, and gender.” 

Coloured Raine is not only owned by a Black woman, but also employs 100% Black employees. By purchasing from this brand, you’re supporting a minority community. I suggest you start with their single eyeshadows, such as Happy Daze which is a gorgeous rose-gold color. These are only $7!

I believe if we all make an effort to support cruelty-free brands and Black-owned brands, the beauty industry will truly flourish in an inclusive way. I mean, think about it: less animals being harmed and diverse brands and people being represented in the beauty world? Let’s make it happen. Every brand deserves recognition, and brands owned by BIPOC need conscious support in order to be equally promoted. If you’re looking for even more cruelty free Black-owned brands, here’s a super extensive list of makeup, skincare, hair care and more! 

Lorraine is a small business owner and graduate from UCSB with a major in Sociology. She loves photography, earring-making, writing, editing and music and is passionate about cruelty free skincare and makeup as well as becoming a successful business woman. You can usually find her binging comfort shows on Netflix for the 3,000th time, creating Spotify playlists for every mood, and dreaming about Harry Styles.
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