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These Binge-Worthy Candles Are Inspired By Your Favorite Shows, & I Cannot Stress Enough How Badly I Want Them

You know that feeling when a specific scent immediately transports you to a completely different moment in time? When burning popcorn reminds you of the time you almost burned the house down, or someone walking past’s perfume reminds you of smearing Strawberry Lipsmackers all over your face? That would be because smell and memory are closely linked, and Binge Scents, a brand new candle company, made it their mission to take the experience a step further with candles made just for binge watching your favorite shows. 

Currently featuring callbacks to The Office, Stranger Things, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, Game of Thrones, Golden Girls, The Umbrella Academy and Supernatural, any stan is sure to find a scent – or title or label – that tugs right on the most visceral heartstrings you possess.

Come on! Elevator Love Letters? I’m already crying. 

Courtesy of Binge Scents

“A warm bouquet of musky leather and sweet vanilla bean. You’ll wanna spend the rest of your life with it.” It’s like I’m trapped in an elevator with Patrick Dempsey right now. Cue me, screaming, “Derek!” a la Meredith thinking he was dead in the sixth season finale.

Hand-poured and made in the USA of a vegan blend of natural, coconut and soy wax, each candle is designed to help you connect even more with your favorite show, promoting relaxation and self care in a whole new way. And when it’s (devastatingly) all done, the ceramic container is perfect for pencils, candies, or a stiff drink to ease the pain of the next unnecessary death! 

I’ve never in my life bought a full price fancy candle, but here I am with five on the way (okay, it was almost full price – I got $20 off for bundling!). I have a feeling there’ll be no regrets, though. 

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