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5 Bikini Styles Going Viral That You Need To Get Before Spring Break

With spring break creeping up faster than you think (you gotta get those plans out of the group chat!) and bikinis flooding your social media feeds, it’s almost time to grab your laptop and get shopping for your spring break swimsuit. Whether you’re thinking long-term and want to find the hottest trends of 2023, or you just want a stylish poolside wardrobe for the rest of winter, spring break trends are back, baby! Here are five bikini styles going viral on social media right now that you’ll want to cop before spring break rolls around.

Baywatch Bottoms

Pamela Anderson was a showstopper back when Baywatch came out in the 1990s, and the trend is cycling back around today. Her swimsuit, known for its high cut and high waist, is making a comeback. These bikini bottoms can make your legs look longer, accentuate your hips, and are probably a lot more comfortable than the average cheekster. You can go for a traditional Baywatch style and grab a one-piece, or just find a bikini bottom like this one from Good American ($40) in the same cut!

Strappy Tops

After TikTok went crazy over Kendall Jenner’s innovative way of tying her bikini top, the new trend became being able to get multiple styles out of just one top. With just one triangle bikini, you can get three different looks, including Jenner’s cute bow in the middle, or even a strapless top. Being able to rewear the same top in completely different styles is a way to stay cute and save money!


Believe it or not, tankinis are trending again, and this time it’s not because it’s the only swimsuit you were allowed to wear in elementary school. Although tankinis were back in style again due to TikTok users pairing them with shorts, you can’t deny that they’re a lot more comfortable than a bikini. Tankinis provide more coverage and most have cute (fourth grade-esque) patterns like this one from Old Navy ($25), which can make them a really cute option if you’re leaning into a more retro aesthetic.

Retro Patterns

Womens swimwear trends for 2023 will still have lots of cheeky bottom options but bring back some modest comfortable mom swimsuits that are still youthful and not just black and navy in color for plus size too. I love all three of these. #bikinisanonymous #swimsuitinspo #retroswimwear #sizeinclusivefashion #swimsuit #swimhaul #tryonhaul #greenscreen womens full coverage swimwear with full coverage bottoms. Womens swim shorts mom bikinis and mom swimsuits

♬ original sound – Bikinisanonymous

While solid color bikinis are a timeless staple, retro patterns are hot right now. Think designs packed with bright colors and shapes. These bikinis make you stand out and look great in pictures, and are a much-needed break from plain colors.

Lingerie-Based Bikinis

this is not my own idea i saw someone on tiktok do it but i cannot find the video to credit her 😭😭 someone tag her if you know please!! #sewing #diybikini #frankiesbikinks

♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

A recent trend in bikinis is incorporating the more delicate features seen in lingerie. For instance, tiny bows or lace that are often found on bras or panties are getting added to the seams of bikini bottoms, like these bottoms from Frankies Bikinis ($80). These details give them a simple yet elegant look that radiates subtle sexiness.

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