Beyoncé's Victorian-Inspired Vow Renewal Dress Is So Good, We Should All Just Quit Trying

Remember how gorgeous Beyoncé’s 2008 wedding dress was? It made all of my friends want to get married immediately, and we were, like, nine when that happened. Sure, by 2018 standards it was def a little basic, but back then it set bridal goals of the season. Now, Bey is back at it with a stunning vow renewal dress designed by Galia Lahav, who you’ve probably never heard of unless you have Beyoncé-level coin to drop. According to Elle, the dress is part of Lahav’s “Victorian Affinity” collection, which basically means that Queen Victoria would wear it if she shopped at Fashion Nova.

You can check it out here on a model:

I’m totally obsessed with the delicate bodice and billowy sheer sleeves. You can even watch a video of the dress in action to check out that fluffy, Cinderella-esque overskirt. Because this is Beyoncé we're talking about, you know it’s removable for a quick mid-ceremony costume change. Taking it off reveals some major cutout action, because did you really think B would be into a dress that completely hides her B? Take notes, girls. This is the perfect dress for when you find out your venue doesn’t have air conditioning at the last minute.  


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Though we haven’t seen Bey in her actual version of the dress yet, I’m going to take a wild guess here and say she probably looked amazing! Seriously, other than Rihanna, who else could pull off wearing butt cut-outs to a family event?