The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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Just as there’s a science to skincare (see a derm, girl), there’s a right way to maximize your facial features with sunglasses—what a time to be alive! The right style is always the one you feel the most confident in, but we’re here to provide a little FRAME of reference on the most flattering shades for your gorg face shape.  

  1. 1. Heart-shaped face

    Juicy Couture Ju 604/S: Since heart-shaped beauties’ faces already come to a natural point at the chin, a subtle, classic frame is the perfect fit.  

  2. 2. Square-shaped face

    Juicy Couture Ju 605/S: Balance is everything. If softening your strong jawline is your endgame, these rounded, oversized frames will accentuate the curves of your hairline, nose, and lips for a bit more equilibrium.  

  3. 3. Round-shaped face

    Juicy Couture Ju 603/S: Curves are everything, but if you want to channel your inner Posh Spice for the day, then these chic pointed frames (you can go all black or tortoise shell) will help you serve serious Beckham vibes.  

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