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I Thought All Hair Masks Were BS, Until I Found One That I Truly Loved

I thought that hair masks were completely a waste of money and time. I had never tried one before, and it always sounded like a complicated extra step in my routine. How would a hair mask even work? I would picture sticky, thick product being slathered into my hair and lingering in a cold shower. Finally, though, after falling in love with the brand Raw Sugar at Target, I picked up a hair mask and tried it. Holy sh*t, was I wrong. This product has quickly become my absolute favorite thing to put in my hair, and the results are crazy good. I look forward to showering so that I can use this after I shampoo, and instead of being an annoying extra step, using a hair mask low-key makes me feel like I'm living my best life and having a spa moment. 

Here's what you need to know about the mask that changed everything for me. 

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The mask

Raw Sugar's Healing Power Mask ($10, Target) is made with avocado, banana oil, coconut milk, and agave (omg) and when I spotted those ingredients, I definitely got excited. I'm a huge believer in natural beauty ingredients (that's part of the reason why Lush is my favorite skincare spot!). With such nourishing elements, this mask has the power to leave hair soft, luscious, shiny and restored. 

Additionally, all of Raw Sugar's products are clean, cruelty-free, and vegan, which I love. The ingredients use cold-pressed fruits and oils to preserve the freshness in the mask, giving your hair nutrients.The mask has no sulfates, parabens, dyes, or silicones! Plus, Raw Sugar has a philanthropic mission: for every product purchased, the brand donates a bar of soap to someone in need.

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How to use it

Using this hair mask is way simpler than I imagined. After washing your hair with your typical shampoo and conditioner routine, apply the mask generously to wet hair using your fingers, starting at the root and working your way through to the ends of your hair. The directions say to leave on for ten minutes, so I basically leave this on while finishing my shower routine (body wash, face cleanser, exfoliant), and then rinse thoroughly. Be sure to rinse well so there's no residue left on your hair. This step doesn't add any extra time to your shower. The closer you get to ten minutes, though, the more of an impact you'll see. 

The results

For background, I have super thick, dark, naturally straight-to-slightly-wavy hair. The first time I used this mask, I didn't expect to notice a difference at all. I was so wrong--and I'm glad. When I brushed through my wet hair, I noticed that there were no tangles. I let my hair air-dry, and there was no frizz. My hair turns out so soft, smooth, frizz-free, and honestly pretty when I use this mask. It also definitely makes a difference on my irritated winter scalp (I get so dry). This mask also smells amazing and that light, natural scent lingers in your hair after your shower. The company recommends this mask for all hair types and hair needs, and it has worked amazingly on my thick hair. I’ve added this into my routine about every other time I wash my hair, and I couldn’t be happier with it. This mask is affordable, and I like knowing that I'm contributing to a good cause because it's environmentally friendly, and even the packaging is recycled. 

Overall, I think that this mask would make a perfect addition to anyone's hair routine. With such nourishing ingredients, it's hydrating and softening and helps restore hair in the summer from damaging factors. If you’re like me and think a hair mask is a BS step in your routine, think again and give this one a chance. It might just change your hair for the better. 

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