This New Hair Care Line Wants You To Wash Your Hair Less

Picture this: your alarm goes off at 7:53 in the morning and you have an 8 AM that you cannot miss again. You are rocking 4-day old hair and you obviously don’t have time for a shower. Enter your new favorite brand: Waterless. From the guys who gave us Aussie, Herbal Essences, and Pantene, Procter & Gamble’s first hair care line in four years will blow your mind. This line was designed with water conservation in mind for those of us who rely heavily on dry shampoo (hi, that's me) between washes.

This idea was developed and launched in Cape Town, South Africa in response to their local water crisis and in preparation of the day the tap dries out. These products don’t need water or wet hair to work their magic and they’re broken down into four categories so there’s something for everyone.

The brand is broken into four ranges: Clean, Condition, Style, and Fragrance. The Clean and Condition collections are divided into products for fine and oily hair and thick and curly hair, while the Style and Fragrance collections are good for any hair type. The Clean collection includes a dry shampoo and dry shampoo foam. The Condition collection has a weightless dry conditioner, a hydrating dry conditioner, and a hair balm—which made my hair SO soft, it’s crazy. The Style collection contains a curling cream and heat protectant and friendly reminder: if you’re not using one already, please start! And last, but not least, The Fragrance Collection, think of it as a little refresher for your hair.

Whether you’re running late for class and don’t have time to shower or you’re just trying to save a little water for the environment, these products still allow you to have a great hair day. The full collection is available now with full-size items ranging from $8 to $10 and travel size ones $4 to $5. You can find them in-stores now at Target, Walmart, Sally Beauty, Amazon, and other food and drug stores.