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What Color Your Dorm Room Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Can’t decide which color you want to go with for the new school year? Your zodiac sign can help with that. 

Aries: White & Cream

Let’s be honest, Aries, your life is already filled with chaotic energy—the last thing you need is a room that follows suit. The space you’re in affects your mood more than you might think, and while being headstrong and bold in your personal life may be working out great for you right now, you have to admit, you’re exhausted. It’ll be so nice to crawl into your soothing and calm cream sheets after a long day of leading the charge. If you feel your inner fire starting to die down a little, add in some red or burgundy accents so you don’t loose your spirit.  

Taurus: Forest Green

Congrats Taurus, you may just be the only college student responsible enough to keep a plant alive. Lean into your nurturing spirit and let that green thumb take over your dorm room aesthetic. Who needs to buy colorful things when you can just line every windowsill and available surface area in your room with nature’s color: green. For an added bonus, caring for all these plants will satiate your natural urge to be the “mom” of the group. Compliment your new greenhouse with earth tone accent pillows and warm lamp light.

Gemini: Soft Yellow

You hate being confined, so the idea of a tiny dorm room is already stressing you out. You need a space that’s going to allow for creativity to flourish while also calming you down after a hectic day. After all, when you’re out in public you’ll stop to chat with anyone you can, but when you return home you need some downtime. Soft yellows will give you that exciting, sunny feeling that will light up your room in the morning, but are still calm enough to soothe you after a long day. Not to mention deciding on one bold accent color will take you the entire year. 

Cancer: Neutral Everything

Like Aries, you need a calm and neutral living space, but for totally different reasons. You already have a suitcase full of sentimental must-haves to unload, not to mention all of the knick-knacks you plan to collect throughout the year. All of these things (that some people may call clutter, but you know better) are going to fill your room with an explosion of color and emotions, so it’s best to start at a neutral baseline. Plus, we know you’d rather spend the night cozy in your bed watching a movie than out partying, so the last thing you want is to get two months into the year and realize you’re really tired of staring at your hot pink lampshades and throw pillows. 


Leo: Gold, Gold & More Gold

Oh Leo, we know you’re already struggling with the dingy lighting and scuffed wooden furniture that get shoved on every poor, unsuspecting college student. You love nice things, no one’s blaming you for that. Some shiny gold accents and bright (non-fluorescent) lights will help your dorm room feel more expensive and luxurious without breaking the bank. Throw a soft, cream shag rug on that sad 70s-inspired tile floor and maybe some shiny gold accent pillows to make you feel like you’re cozying up in a five star hotel instead of your lofted bed frame that may or may not make awful creaking noises every time you move. 

Virgo: Grays & Silver

Every year of college offers a new opportunity to reinvent yourself through decor. Freshman year, you might’ve tried bold colors, Virgo, but it’s okay if you want change. We know you already spend so much time worrying, there’s no point in your room adding to an ounce of that stress. Lean into your craving for order and structure by sticking to soft gray tones. They’re easy to match, readily available and don’t take a ton of planning, so you can turn your mind towards whatever big project has your attention right now. For the small piece of you that we know wants to be a little bolder, silver and chrome accents can add an edge to your room without interrupting your zen.

Libra: Black Accents

Your personal life may not be black and white, but your room should be! Stick to light neutrals for things like bedding and furniture, but go hard with darker artwork and decorations. You love to feel edgy and fashion-forward, but don’t have the decisiveness to commit to one bold color for your dorm room. With so little space, we know bright orange lamp shades or purple accent pillows won’t soothe your diplomatic soul, so stick to something simple, but not boring. Keeping to a black and white decorating scheme will allow you to feel at ease and uncrowded, without being completely devoid of personality.

Scorpio: Rust

Tans, creams and whites all feel way too passive for your decorating taste, and we know that word is practically a curse to you Scorpio. Rust feels bold and on trend without letting go of your need to be resourceful and practical. After a long day of chasing your passions it’ll be nice to come home to a room that fuels those feelings instead of letting them die out. You probably have a ton of close friends already, so grab a few floor cushions and a bunch of extra comfy accent pillows, as your room is bound to be the primary hangout spot. 

Sagittarius: Bold Blues

You consider your room to be a sanctuary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Bright blue accents will provide that calm, spa-like feeling you crave while still allowing your decor to feel special and unique to your personality. We know you probably have a dozen Pinterest boards of half-planned out dorm rooms, but don’t worry, we got you covered. Stark white sheets and bedding will compliment your need to be straight forward and unconstrained with the added bonus of making your shared space seem that much bigger. Nobody has time to make up a bed with a dozen throw pillows or constantly shift through a million knick-knacks cluttering up your desk, so incorporate some bright blues into stagnant objects, like lamps, accent rugs and decorative organizers to stow all that clutter out of sight.


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Capricorn: Taupe

Your dislikes and likes are fleeting, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But it does make decorating your dorm room a bit of a challenge seeing as you may decide pink is your favorite color in August, then wake up in October and realize you actually can’t stand it. It’s going to save you a lot of future trouble if you stick to a color that’s at least pseudo-neutral, so taupe it is. Somewhere between green and gray, taupe is perfect for your no nonsense mentality while also preventing you from falling into a tan and cream rut, as we know you tend to do. Calm earth tones are just about the only thing you consistently like, so embrace it.

Aquarius: Teal

Okay, I totally get that you may have just cringed. Teal is a word that has a tendency to feel as middle school as it can sometimes look, but don’t worry Aquarius, we feel that teal could firmly be making a comeback. After all, you love to brand yourself as progressive and ahead of the trend, so don’t let poor teal bare the consequences of your 2008 braided belt phase. Incorporate teal slowly, as we know sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed making sudden changes.  Start with pillow and maybe a rug, something unexpected for a color like teal. It’ll make your room a talking point and teal the unexpected champion of your dorm room decorating. 

Pisces: Mauve

Mauve is a name that just exudes cool composure and an effortlessly wise nature, like the girl who humble brags about her time abroad and somehow isn’t annoying about it. Well congrats Pisces, you are mauve in its physical manifestation, and your room should be too. Mauve is another one of those colors that manages to feel neutral without being bland, so you won’t have to worry about clashing with a roommate or any other bright accents you might want to add in. Having mauve as your baseline color will feed your inner artist while also allowing your room to become an escape from reality, something cool tones just can’t support right now. 


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