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Benefit’s New Brow Contour Pro Just Put ALL Other Brow Products to Shame

While eyebrow-shaming is nefarious and cruel, we’re fine with new brow products shaming old products. Don’t get us wrong, we still stan the precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil, but it's time to switch up brow routines everywhere with the Brow Contour Pro, innovated and engineered for our flat AF brows by Benefit Cosmetics.  

As Popsugar reports, the Benefit Brow Contour Pro retails for $34 and it call help make those arches the center of attention. If your arches have been the center of attention since you were born, then you can use this brow product to help make them the extra queens they’re dying to be. Seeing as contouring your brows can be a complicated makeup-related algorithm (because you have to find your perfect brow shade and your perfect skin tone), Benefit Cosemetics has curated the 4-in-1 Contour Pro to match both your brow hairs and your complexion. 

We get it. You still have questions, like what is brow contouring? Isn’t contouring just for your face? And do you really need to contour your eyebrows? Yes. Not necessarily. And no – but the act of contouring can be fun a brief self-care interlude in your busy schedule. Contouring is whatever you make of it, and you can contour whatever you like (or not at all). If the world of brow contour is still confusing, there are some tips to help you get started.


  1. With any brow look, outlining brow shape will give you a sense of direction and your brows purpose before you start to fill them in and contour. (You can start with the darkest shade, or use the lighter shade in the product. If you’re a brow newbie, then you might want to start with a lighter shade, seeing as you can always go back and redefine your outline in a darker hue later.)
  2. Use the lighter brow shade in the Contour Pro to fill in your brows. This can be messy, because you’re define the natural arch of your brows and the hairs later.
  3. Use the darkest shade to carve out any individual hairs in your brows. Plus, you can use this shade to re-outline your brows if you want to darken the shade of them.
  4. Take the lighter brow shade to correct any excessive dark strokes you might have made.
  5. If you want to define your brow or clean up a line that strayed from your original outline, use a concealer to clean up the edges of your brow. Blur any sharp lines of this light tone with a brush or your fingertips (yeah, we’re terrible people for blending or makeup with our fingers, and frankly we DGAF).
  6. If your brows are curly misshapen heathens like mine, you can use a clear grow gel to lay your brow hair in the direction that you want them to stay so your brow hairs stay in place throughout the day.

While Allure notes that the Brow Contour Pro looks reminiscent of those 80s rainbow-colored ballpoint click pens—which are making a comeback in the office supply arena, btw, we wouldn’t blame Benefit for taking some inspo from those classic pens. After all, the Brow Contour Pro is a multifaceted product that combines a variety of brow shades for every brow-cation.  

Even though we’d follow Rihanna to the ends of the earth, we might not follow Rihanna's skinny brows trend we love our bushy brows and we’re ready sculpt them like the Goddesses they are. Tbh, we’re excited to use Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow Contour Pro (aka the makeup-inspired clicky pen), just to claim that we’re brow contouring experts on our resumes.  

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