Anything Can Be a Belt If You Try Hard Enough (No Really, Anything)

I love to accessorize, and one of the pieces I add to my outfits the most is a classic belt. It helps cinch my waist, keep my pants up (as it should) and add a little something to my outfit. Adding the same belt to every outfit, though, is really tiring. 

Lately, I’ve been seeing chic alternatives taking the place of a belt, like a chain or a scarf. I love the idea of using an unorthodox object as a belt, so I decided to look into what other items you could use. Scroll on to find out if something in your closet can be repurposed as a belt. 




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This look is super fashionable and appeals to me the most because I love accessorizing with gold jewelry. This chain would match perfectly, and I definitely have a chain long enough to use as a belt. I would wear it with jeans or layered over a midi skirt. 




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First off, this green monochromatic outfit is straight out of my dreams. Using the green sweatshirt to literally tie this whole look together is genius, and I will 100% be copying this look. You can use a hoodie or button-up shirt as a belt for a similar look too. 




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Since hot girl summer is ending, you can use that scarf top as a belt now. It adds a pop of color to any outfit, and you can choose to knot it, tie it in a bow or simply tie it around one of your belt loops. I like this look best with jeans or white pants.




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This one can get a little tricky, but it pays off. Take two shoelaces and knot them together, then just use them as a belt. You can choose any color or tie you like. It’d be really neat to get printed or neon ones. 

Belt bag



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So I know this is crazy, but hear me out…what if we actually started wearing belt bags… as belts? The new styles have evolved from the fanny pack, so there are plenty to choose from that will actually look cute on you. Plus, it’s a belt and a purse all in one.




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Since a belt basically just cinches your waist, why not use a corset to do the same thing? They’re basically the belt’s cool cousin. I’d wear one layered over a graphic tee, or over a similarly-colored tank like above. It’s a great way to elevate any outfit in a unique way.

My favorite belt alternatives have to be the chain belt, sweatshirt and corset, and I’m already on the hunt for the perfect ones. In the meantime, I’ll be figuring out what other items I have lying in my closet that I could use as a belt. A blazer, maybe? What would you use as a belt?