Resident Badass Bella Thorne Went Braless in a Sheer Top

Bella Thorne would like you to know that she doesn't give a fuck. After enduring her fair share of trolling (because the internet is a dark place), the 19-year-old actress is committed to being herself and, honestly, she kills it. Among all the cool things she does, her fashion sense doesn't go unnoticed. Although she doesn't always take risks, when she does, she goes all-out. The celeb broke out one of her most daring looks to date while out in L.A. this weekend: satin track pants, star-print white booties and, the pièce de resistance, a completely sheer top.

Bella is far from being the first celeb to free the nipple. Kendall Jenner, for one, is particularly fond of the no-bra life:

Even though other people are doing it (as they damn well should if they feel like it), it does take an inspiring amount of confidence to pull of the totally sheer look. So props to Bella for doing her, no apologies needed.