Bella Hadid Earns Her Angel Wings in First VS Fashion Show Look

People has graced us with an amazing first look at one of Bella Hadid's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show outfits, featuring her first pair of wings. Bella will finally walk alongside sister Gigi as she spreads her VS wings on the Paris runway. The supermodel has zero chill about her Angel look and we totally can't blame her: "I can't believe I have wings!" she told People.

Bella's wings are made from black and white feathers, an elegant and lightweight look that compensates for the heavy bedazzled outfit she'll be parading down the runway. The ensemble is a lingerie set from VS's new Dark Angel collection, along with a custom long-sleeve top covered in over 6,000 crystals, a look that Bella says makes her "look like a disco ball." 

Tune in to CBS Monday, December 5 to see Bella and all the other Angels in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris