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Beauty Alert: Anastasia Beverly Hills Has a Brand New Palette Dropping on Valentine’s Day

In a stunning move by Anastasia Beverly Hills, their upcoming Soft Glam palette will be released a month early on February 14, making the launch all the sweeter. ABH initially planned to launch the palette sometime in March, but after suffering a leak on Instagram, the cosmetic brand decided to take it in stride and go forth with the early announcement and release, telling their followers, "we want a chance to show those of you that haven’t yet seen the leaked photos." 

Moving away from the bright, supersaturated hues that have been dominating the industry for the past year, the Soft Glam palette is full of warm neutral hues. With a nice balance of both matte and shimmer shades, there's something there for full-face glam divas and barely-there girls. Just check out these gorgeous swatches! 

@norvina on Instagram

ABH fans will notice seven new shades in the palette, including Tempura (a matte bone color), Cyprus Umber (a rich, milk chocolate), and Rose Pink (a shimmery bubble-gum pink). The rest of the shades were handpicked by Anastasia Soare herself from her favorite eyeshadow singles. So basically it's the best of both worlds. 



Just another reason to celebrate Valentine's (or Galentine's) day this year! 

Header Image: Anastasia Beverly Hills / Instagram

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