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Bath & Body Works Candles Are $10 Today, So Add These 9 To Your Cart

It’s the most wonderful day of the year. No, it’s not Christmas Day or Spotify Wrapped release day. It’s $10 candle day at Bath & Body Works. Shoppers have lined up outside of brick-and-mortar stores as well as online, where a virtual queue allows shoppers into the special sale. Truly, this sale is totally worth the wait. Each of the store’s three-wick candles, normally priced between $24.50-$26.50, are currently the price of two large iced coffees. Sign me up. 

Beginning Dec. 2 and ending tomorrow, Dec. 3, Bath & Body Works’ Candle Day sale limits shoppers to 18 candles in their cart. With brand new scents, OG faves, and fragrances from the vault all on the table, it’s hard to narrow down which candles to buy from the 150+ selection. Whether you are shopping for a friend’s Christmas stocking, picking up a trinket for your roommate gift exchange, or building your own personal candle stash, you are sure to find the perfect item for everyone on your list. Make sure to act quickly because some of the season’s hottest scents, such as Merry Maple Bourbon, are already out of stock. Here are some favorites that you have to add to your basket ASAP.


If you need a candle to last all season long, you have to get Winter in your cart. Pine needles and spiced cloves will lift up any bedroom, dining room, or bathroom from Christmas to the beginning of spring. Additionally, the candle jar itself is gorgeous and creates a glowing winter scene for all to enjoy.

Cucumber Melon

This is the first scent so many of us gals used in elementary and middle school. This crisp fragrance is equal parts nostalgic and refreshing. Save this candle for burning in the spring and summer, or give it as a gift to your friend for their winter birthday.

French Baguette

You read that right. This cult classic scent from 2012 is back for Candle Day 2022. French Baguette smells like rising dough in a Parisian bakery with a dollop of butter on top. Just be sure to have real bread on hand for when you inevitably get hungry.

Merry Mimosa

For the festive friend in your life, the Merry Mimosa scent — with hints of sparkling champagne, red apple, and iced sugar crystals — will light up the room with its bright aroma. It might not be as fun as a real champagne flute full of prosecco and orange juice, but it’ll do!

Banana Bundt Cake

Head back in time to grandma’s kitchen with the returning cult classic Banana Bundt Cake. It’s a scented mixture of banana, walnuts, and cinnamon that’s almost good enough to eat!

Fa La La Latte

Coffee lovers can make their homes smell just like their fave local roastery with the brand new fragrance Fa La La Latte. By condensing the encapsulating smell of espresso and vanilla foam into a little jar, you can have your caffeine fix all season long.

Blueberry Sugar

This scent is available exclusively online while supplies last. Visions of blueberries will dance in your head this Christmas season with Blueberry Sugar, which contains hints of brown sugar and graham cracker crust.

Fresh Cut Lilacs

For those who aren’t superfans of the pine and cookie smells often associated with holiday candles, this Fresh Cut Lilacs candle is the perfect candidate to burn this season. The light florals aren’t overwhelming, yet they still bring much-desired comfort to any room.

Warm Vanilla Sugar

When all else fails, this is the scent of all scents. One can never have enough Warm Vanilla Sugar” hand sanitizers, lotions, body mists, or candles. Make your apartment or dorm smell like fresh-baked treats throughout winter and spring.

Happy shopping, and remember to put your candles out before leaving for class!

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