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5 ‘Barbie’-Inspired Outfit Ideas So You Can See The Movie In Style

Pink has never been a hotter color than it is now and just about everyone wants to be a “Barbie girl in a Barbie world” thanks to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie coming to theaters on July 21. The Academy Award-nominated costume designer for the film, Jacqueline Durran, put together a variety of designs and fashion for the upcoming film that all represent both the original and modern-day Barbie.

We continue to watch Margot Robbie on the Barbie press tour take the trending Barbiecore aesthetic to an entirely new level as she brings past Barbie fashions to life with her stunning wardrobe. With the premiere of Barbie just around the corner, just about every brand is getting in on the trends — from MOON’s Barbie toothpaste to Swoon’s Barbie pink lemonade — and my trip to the theater is the perfect opportunity to channel my inner Barbiecore without feeling out of place. If you’re planning on seeing the movie in theaters and want some outfit inspo to fit right in with all the Barbies on screen, these five iconic Barbie looks are a great place to start.

Classic Barbie

We see Margot Robbie’s character wearing a light pink gingham dress in quite a few shots in the second teaser trailer and it’s by far my favorite costume choice that we’ve seen so far. It’s a classic Barbie look and not only the perfect outfit for the beach — as Barbie shows us — but also a perfect outfit to rock at the theater to channel your inner Barbie.

You can replicate Robbie’s full outfit with a Puff Sleeve Beach Dress from ASOS ($37) or a Gingham Plaid Mini Dress from Forever 21 ($20).

Western Barbie
margot robbie in a barbie movie
Warner Bros

Whether or not you’re attending opening night in the South, Western Barbie is the perfect opportunity to be the cowgirl you’ve always dreamt of. With some pink high-waisted bell-bottom jeans ($49), a pink bandana, ($7), and a white hat ($19), you’re bound to be the best-dressed Barbie in the theater!

Nautical Barbie

In the trailer, we watch Ken and Barbie travel to the real world in a pink boat with matching pink and white striped shirts and pink sailor hats — what I consider the simplest and coziest-themed outfit of them all.

J. Crew’s pink Striped Boatneck tee ($30) is the perfect replica of Barbie’s top, but if you’re experiencing the summer heat like I am in Florida, their Gingham Lightweight cotton shirt ($40) is the ideal way to get a breeze and avoid tight-fitted clothing while still rocking your Barbie style.

Disco Barbie

In the main trailer, we see Barbie dancing to her heart’s content in a sparkly disco-inspired jumpsuit. Now the only thing I’m a bigger fan of aside from pink and sequins is a jumpsuit that can be worn for comfort and style.

Whether it’s a Wide Leg Sequin romper from Amazon ($50), or a Sequin Two Piece Feather set from Nasty Gal ($88), you’re bound to channel your inner ‘80s-themed Barbie.

Retro Barbie

We all have our favorite neon wear stashed in our closets from homecoming week. It’s time to dust off our biker shorts, brightly colored sweatbands, and rollerblades because we’re riding into the theater in style.

If you’re like me and you probably thought you wouldn’t need to wear a neon pink sweatband again and need to find a new outfit, Amazon has you covered from the bodysuit to legwarmers ($26). If you’re really looking to complete the outfit, you can wear the IMPALA ROLLERSKATES X Barbie Lightspeed Womens Inline Skates from Tilly’s (these are the skates worn in the movie!), but they are a steep $190. Luckily, there are less expensive skates ($90) that still match the vibes on Amazon.

With so many different versions of Barbie, all so uniquely fashionable. It’s so hard to choose which Barbie to be.

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