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barbie hally hair collection
barbie hally hair collection
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This Barbie x Hally Hair Collection Is Healing My Inner Child

POV: It’s 2013 and you’re walking down the toy aisle. Your parents promised to reward you for your good grades and allowed you to pick out one toy. Your eyes roam across the shelves as you search for that special section. Then suddenly, you see it: rows and rows of Barbie dolls, each one carefully packaged. Your hands reach towards a box, you inspect it carefully and read: Barbie Hair Chalk Doll. The doll comes with three color pods that are used to color Barbie’s hair; giving her bright streaks of pretty pink or bright blue. You wave the box to your parents, signaling to them that this is the toy you want.

Now, this may or may not have been a re-telling of my own childhood escapades, but one thing’s for sure, I was (and still am) obsessed with Barbie. It’s amazing to see how what started as a simple fashion doll launched in 1959 has now become a global icon to young and old alike! I still think about the various Barbie dolls I had as a child (shout out to my dad for building my Barbie Dream House for me) and all the fun times I had playing with them. But now, with the Barbie movie releasing soon, I can enjoy reliving my childhood. But there is something else that is giving me crazy nostalgia, and it’s the recent Barbie x Hally Collaboration!

Hally has released other amazing collabs, like the one they did with Baylor University and Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2, but now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite California girl to shine! Launched June 5, this pop culture collab called Live Your Dream features limited-edition temporary hair color sets that come with cute clip in accessories! Using the Shade Stix, Barbie-lovers can create colorful hair creations with a simple twist and swipe. Not only do the Shade Stix come with a color wand and built-in comb for styling, but they also come in three iconic colors: Signature Pink, Malibu Blue, and Pump Up Purple.

Just like all of the Hally products, the Shade Stix are clean, and made with ingredients that won’t damage your hair, so you can style your hair with a straightener or curling iron afterwards, too. The colors also wash out, so they’re perfect for one-day wear! Each set is only $15, and you can find them at your nearest ULTA Beauty or Walmart, or purchase a set on Amazon.

This collaboration brings back so much nostalgia, and with these products, it’s easy for you to recreate the full Barbie look and tap into your inner child!

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