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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Has a Fab New Hairstyle & It’s Everything

Rachel Lindsay is the first African-American Bachelorette, so Bachelor Nation is hooked on her journey and of course, every move she makes is scrutinized. Her season has been juicy so far as she wins and breaks hearts. Off screen though, the Bachelorette and Dallas lawyer is slaying with a new hairstyle.

Lindsay posted a picture of her first day back at work to her Instagram story and she looks fab in her new braids! 

These braids may be a major change from her normal hairstyle, but they’re beautiful and a total life-saver since they allow women of color to give their hair some rest. As tons of WOC know all too well, she also probably wraps her hair every night, deep conditions regularly and definitely cannot wash her hair everyday – relatable AF. I’m here for it. You go girl!

Nathalie Ligonde is a senior at SUNY at Old Westbury majoring in Media and Communications. She is a Campus Co-Correspondent at Her Campus at Old Westbury. Ligonde is passionate about travelling, writing and learning new languages. She enjoys binging TV shows and movies on Netflix and loves hanging out with her friends. Her dream is to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to love themselves and others for who they are. You can follow her on Instagram to see all her adventures: @nathzwhatz
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