An Avocado Swimsuit Finally Exists

Say what you will about millennials' avocado obsession, I think the hype around the small green fruit is well-deserved. From avocado lattes to avocado toast that's so expensive it might keep us from ever buying real estate, anything avocado is solid gold in my book (and on Instagram). And if you're as into them as I am—good news! As Teen Vogue reports, embracing your true love of avocados on the beach just got a little easier with this brand new swimsuit from BelovedShirts.


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If you've ever wanted to look like half an avocado while feeling the sand between your toes, now you can for just $49.95. The suit also comes in classic and high-legged versions so you can choose the perfect fit for you. While you might be hesitant to ditch your go-to bikini for this suit, one-piece swimsuits are actually this summer's hottest style so this avocado swimsuit is two trends in one.

Naturally, everyone was freaking out in the comments. "THIS IS G•U•A•C•A•M•A•Z•I•N•G," wrote one user. "OH MY GOD IM GETTING THIS," wrote another. The comments on BelovedShirts' life-changing Instagram post were also filled with fire emojis, obviously. However, Twitter may have said it best.

Same, Megan. Same.

Though BelovedShirts is known for their infamous hairy swimsuit, this just might be their new bestseller.