ASOS Teamed Up with 'Star Wars' for a Space-Chic Collection & I'm Ready to Give My Money to the Dark Side

The highlight of my week––or if I’m being more realistic, my month––will be seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Last year, when Han Solo died, after an impatient 60 seconds my friend nudged me and said “OK enough crying, you’re being embarrassing.” Needless to say, I am HYPED. 

For big premiers like this, dressing up is pretty common. Sometimes it feels like our options are limited to strictly Leia buns, but thanks to ASOS, the ladies just got a lot more options. 


Everyone's fave clothing brand just released a collab with Star Wars and Disney in anticipation of the latest film, and unlike other women’s movie merch, this release is wearable outside of the theater (and Halloween… and the bedroom). While the collection is inspired by key parts of the Star Wars universe, it also draws from street-wear and current trends. The result is something that pays homage to the iconic series without making people look like they belong at a convention for super fans. Here are some of the most space-shic pieces from the collection: 

1. Scuba Printed Mini Dress ($79 at ASOS)

2. Printed Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt ($35 at ASOS)

3. Printed Long Sleeve Hanky Hem Dress ($76 at ASOS)

4. ASOS X Star Wars Printed Leggings ($35 at ASOS

5. Galaxy Printed Full Dress ($95 at ASOS)

6. Funnel Neck Burnout Dress ($79 at ASOS)

BRB, going to grab my credit card.