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Apparently Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has a Scrunchie Collection & Wears a ‘Super Diva’ Shirt to Work Out In – So Basically, She’s My Style Icon?

Leave it to Steven Colbert to bring out the badass in anyone. Well, to be fair – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was already one, you just might not have known it yet. Turns out, she’s also a bonafide style icon as well! Just take a gander at that workout shirt she’s rockin’ during her interview:

Kitschy tees aren’t the only way RBG builds her enviable #aesthetic, oh no. According to The Cut, she’s got a scrunchie collection that would make even Heather Chandler blush. But back to the “Super Diva” shirt that speaks so clearly to my soul. Did you know that you too can be a proud owner/wearer of this amazing shirt, all while benefiting a great cause? All sales from the RGB Workout Tee ($30) will be donated to 2Unstoppable, an organization which “partners women diagnosed with cancer with other women to encourage and support physical and emotional fitness during and after cancer treatment.” Has there ever been a better way to declare your awesomeness? I think not. 

Now if I can just find myself a pair of those iconic glasses, I’ll be set. 



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