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Apparently People Are Wearing Bedazzled Boobs to Coachella

While there are some festival trends that we’re kind of over by now (we’re looking at you, flower crowns and flast tats), and some that are just plain not okay in terms of cultural appropriation, we can get behind some fresh festival fashion. The latest trend that’s taking over Coachella? Bedazzled boobs – and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

As Allure noticed, the look that’s on the rise basically involves replacing a shirt with enough glitter and gemstones to rival your average unicorn.


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While it seems like the perfect eye-catching look to rock at a music festival (becuase seriously, where else are you going to wear this?), I have a few questions. Namely, how exactly do you get all of that bling to stay on your body? And what prevents you from sweating it off in the middle of the desert? Lastly, exactly how does one afford enough glitter and gemstones to wear them as a shirt replacement? Am I supposed to just roll up into my local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and buy their entire stock of all things sparkly? Let me know.


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