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Stock Up On These Prime Day Travel Deals For Your Next Trip

Caught the travel bug? Amazon Prime Day has arrived today and tomorrow (July 12 and 13), so you can shop all of your travel necessities before embarking on your next adventure. Whether you’re booking yourself a spontaneous solo trip or planning to embark on an adventure with your besties, traveling in style is always a good idea.

For our adventurers looking to invest in quality luggage, cozy airport ‘fits, or even some more “adult” items (*wink*), Prime Day has you covered for all of your on-the-go needs. With savings up to 50% off on travel necessities, Prime Day is the time to save on your packing list and invest more into your adventures. Onward!

1. travel pillow

Finding a comfortable way to sleep on an airplane, or in a car, is pretty much the bane of my existence. However, thanks to travel pillows, resting peacefully has become easier than ever. Not only is this cozy pillow made from memory foam, but it’s also set with a convenient and compact bag—so you can travel with ease. Get those zzz’s, bestie! You’ll need em.

$12, Amazon

2. Natural silk sleeping mask

Thanks to your handy-dandy travel pillow (*adds above to cart*), catching some shuteye on your travel is a breeze. Now, all you have to do is complete your sleeping set with a natural silk eye mask. Not only will this mask from Alaska Bear shield your eyes from light that might disrupt your sleeping, but it also hides your sleeping face from the world. Trust me, you don’t wanna see mine.

$9, Amazon

3. airpods max

Looking for some noise-canceling headphones to bring along on your next journey? Look no further than the coveted AirPods Max—did I mention they’re on sale? Whether you’re listening to Beyoncé’s newest album, scrolling through TikTok, or even listening to some “spicy” content (hey, go for it, babes), these headphones are sure to provide phenomenal sound quality. You’re welcome.

$449, Amazon

4. Portable Charger

Suffering from a case of “my phone is dead” syndrome? Ditch the clunky portable charger for this sleek battery pack from Amelema. This small portable charger packs a definite punch and is sure to keep your phone alive through all of your adventures. After all, who will take those fire Insta pics if your phone is dead?

$20, Amazon


To pack all of your travel needs, a chic carry-on is a must. This sturdy carry-on bag from GinzaTravel is perfect for weekend trips and is 25% off during Prime Day only. So, add to cart quickly before this deal departs!

$85, Amazon

6. bullet vibrator

Listen, we all have needs. And just because you have a vacation coming up, doesn’t give you a right to ignore ’em! Whether you’re traveling solo or with a partner, this Umania bullet vibrator is quiet, compact, and discreet enough to travel with. Prime Day is full of deals on vibrators of all shapes and sizes, so consider adding a new “travel partner” to your cart. Click!

$14, Amazon

7. Ivory Ella sweatpants

Traveling in style is a must, but so is traveling in comfort. Luckily, Prime Day has you covered. These super cute Ivory Ella sweatpants are comfortable, cute, and made by a small business. Not only can Prime Day provide you with savings to big tech brands, but it can also help you shop small with large savings.

$24, Amazon

8. Dots for Spots Acne Pimple Patches

It’s no secret that traveling can be harsh on your skin. Combat breakouts with these acne spots from Dots for Spots. Not only are these on sale for Prime Day, but they’re a great way to clear up breakouts on the go. Whether you’re walking through an airport or backpacking through the wilderness, this convenient acne treatment blends into the skin discreetly. You’re welcome!

$10, Amazon

9. I Dew Care Skincare Set – Vitamin To Glow Pack

Take your skincare on-the-glow with this set from I Dew Care. Packaged into convenient travel-size containers, this set is easy to pack for your next adventure. Prime Day is a great way to save on your favorite beauty brands—both full-sized and travel-sized. You glow, babe!

$20, Amazon

10. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Finally, no travel kit is complete without a pair of trusty sunglasses. During Prime Day, you can save upwards of 30% on designer sunglasses brands like Ray-Ban—talk about a steal.

$150, Amazon

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