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The Almay Beauty Class of 2018 Is Giving Us Tons of Graduation Makeup Inspo

At the end of April, Almay unveiled its newest project titled “Almay Class of 2018” where digital bloggers and influencers were invited to try out the brand’s new product line, including 10 sets of their eyeshadow quads, three lip colors, two highlighting sticks, and a partridge in a pear tree. Kidding. But, recipients also got an adorable letter board (ya know, the ones they sell at Urban Outfitters for a small fortune) welcoming them to the #AlmayClassOf2018. Can we get our hands on this kit, like, now?

Almay, the hypoallergenic “daughter” company of Revlon, has recently transitioned into new leadership and has rebranded itself into an ultra-feminine, ultra-trendy brand for all women (think: SO many sparkles, rainbows, and ~unicorn vibes~). The new tagline, “Reveal the True You” places an emphasis on using makeup as fun, imaginative way to play up your favorite features and be your best self. 

The Almay Class of 2018 bloggers and influencers took to their digital platform to show their followers how ~cool~ this drugstore brand actually is. Search up #AlmayClassOf2018 on any social media sites, and you’ll find a slew of inspo, product reviews, aesthetically pleasing flat lay posts, and, of course, makeup tutorials using the products.

Besides channeling Millennials (to a T, might we add), this campaign is also inclusive of all skin colors, genders, beauty “flaws” and sizes. We stan an affordable, woke cosmetic company!

And to the 2018 graduating college babes (congrats, btw), now you have an arsenal of gorgeous products that can help you “reveal your truest self” wherever life is taking you next. 

Oh, and Almay? Can we be a part of Almay Class of 2019? Pretty please?

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