All the Trendy Essentials You’ll Need Going Into the Fall Season

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It’s official: the best season of the year, AKA fall, is upon us. Get ready for all the obligatory fall activities, like warm bonfires with BFFs, drinking hot cocoa on a crisp night, and of course, Halloween movie re-runs. While all these activities are on our fall bucket list, we like to think that the #1 part about fall is trying out ALL the new trends. Whether it’s the newest fall fashion, beauty products, tech accessories, or home supplies, this season is the perfect time to ~spice up your life~. Especially with College Fashion Week coming up this month, there’s never been a better time to try out all the new trends happening this season. Here are our top picks to achieve a #trendyAF fall lifestyle.

High-gloss lips

This fall, let your lips ~shine~. Yup, glossy lips are totally in for the fall season (and TBH, we’re so pumped about it). For the ultimate high-shine lip product, go for the Almay Goddess Gloss™ to finish off your fall beauty look. With a smooth and hydrating formula, you can achieve the trend without getting chapped lips during those chilly fall days.

Coming in eight mesmerizing iridescent shades, the Almay Goddess Gloss™ is the newest addition to the stunning Almay® Cosmic Collection and can be picked up at Ulta Beauty. You’ll 100% need to try these ultra-trendy glosses for the perf fall look.

Hydrating lip balm

Before applying that new lip gloss you just picked up, make sure your lips are prepped and set to go. The eos Tropical Mango flavored Lip Balm is the ultimate soothing balm you’ll need, especially during those chilly fall months when you’re wishing for warm reminders. It’s certified organic and 100% natural with ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. This lip balm will be the go-to secret weapon you’ll want to keep in your purse all day, every day.

Cozy beanie hats

Once those temperatures start to drop, you’ll want to grab a cozy hat to keep you looking cute (and warm, of course). Beanie hats are going to be the accessory to have this season. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with one of these snuggly hats. To get the most #ontrend look with your beanie, go for one with a faux fur or fuzz accent. Fur and fuzz are absolutely taking over on the runway and the streets and these hats are no exception to making the perfect addition to any fall ‘fit.

This mustard faux fur beanie from Primark is the perf final touch your favorite outfit. For major fall vibes, pair this beanie with a chunky turtleneck sweater in a warm maroon or orange shade. Or, for a more laid-back look, try adding it as a pop of color to a faux fur denim jacket and black jeans.

Power with a portable charger

Let’s face it — smartphone batteries aren’t the most reliable or long-lasting. On those extra busy days of morning classes, afternoon club meetings, and nights out on the town, you could definitely use an extra boost on your battery. Portable powerbank chargers are honestly a life-saver for any fall event, whether it may be a long day of tailgating during football season or a night of camping in the woods and roasting marshmallows by the fire.

Don’t rely on just any boring portable charger — charge up in style with a super cute power bank. Try this on-trend holographic print charger from Primark for a fashionable touch. Trust us: you can’t go wrong with anything holographic this season!

Selfie spotlight

No perfect selfie happens with just any type of lighting. To get that #flawless selfie, good lighting is so key. That’s why an attachable selfie ring light for your phone is a must-have this season for snapping selfies of your best fall and beauty fashion looks. Primark has a super affordable selection of selfie lights for any girl on a college student budget, making celeb-level selfies a reality for anyone!

Pro tip: if you’re attending College Fashion Week this year, you’ll be able to snap the perfect selfie on the spot no matter where you are.

A chic living space

Along with making sure your fashion and beauty game is on point this season, don’t forget to get your dorm or apartment looking trendy AF. We recommend building your own gallery wall, filled with your fave trendy art prints, photos with everyone from your girl gang, and statement wall décor pieces. Gallery walls do an amazing job of making a living space come to life by adding a super fashionable flair.

To achieve an amazing dorm or apartment vibe without nailing anything in or taking any paint off the walls, VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners are THE go-to for making your gallery wall dreams a reality. With a variety of shapes, sizes and even colors, these fasteners will change the game when it comes to decorating your space for the fall season. For an added fall flair, we recommend hanging a cute and witty quote board (maybe a “Where’s the boos?” sign near Halloween time) using a chic VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fastener.

Once your living space has come together and is looking super fab, it’s time to invite your girl squad over for a College Fashion Week viewing party. Grab your popcorn and rosé and get ready to fangirl over all the trendiest looks from the college fashion event of the year!

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All the Trendy Essentials You’ll Need Going Into the Fall Season