All the Fashion Trends We’re Living For This Fall Season

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We know the feeling: once the temperature dips just a few degrees below sweltering hot, the excitement for the fall season completely takes over. The urge to pull out your go-to cardigan and dust off your classic pair of fall booties is too real. Although the sweater and boot pairing is an absolute classic for the fall, there are so many more iconic trends this season that will give this duo a run for its money. From a flirty corduroy miniskirt and turtleneck look, to a boho flare jean and floral top combo, the fall trends happening right now are literally everything. We’ve partnered with Primark to give you the lowdown on all-things totally trendy for the season, along with some inspo looks you’ll want to recreate ASAP.

Trend one: Modern nomad

This trend can best be described as everything you love about fall in fashion form. From the warm, inviting shades of fallen leaves, to the cozy knits and blankets that keep you feeling snuggly AF, this is a trend you need to try. Plus, the modern nomad look has a bit of a romantic and flirty flair, meaning miniskirts and flowy dresses aren’t going anywhere this fall. Your go-to colors for this trend are a deep burnt orange and a dark cherry red shade. Whether you pair a romantic red dress with a warm orange teddy coat or style a denim skirt with a maroon knit sweater, you seriously can’t go wrong with these shades.

This fall, don’t be afraid to get as cozy as you want with your outfits. Seriously, these pieces are comfortable enough to sleep in. Faux fur and fuzz are major this season and we’re thankful that this trend is oh-so comfy. To really capitalize on the coziness trend, opt for an oversized chunky turtleneck sweater in a warm autumn color. When the temperatures really start to drop, grab a fashion-forward denim aviator jacket with a fur texture on the inside.

Another major component of this trend is the emphasis on check or plaid patterns. As a back-to-school classic, plaid has once again made a comeback this fall as a powerful accent piece. To achieve an ~edgier~ look with this trend, add a pair of plaid pants (bonus points if they’re a retro flare pair) to a neutral top. If you get chilly, throw on an over-sized puffy jacket for some streetwear flair.

For a more playful take on this trend, grab the fuzziest sweater you can find and pair it with a corduroy overall dress. The mix of textures is so on-trend for the fall and the feminine accent of the overall dress is absolutely perfect for creating a flirty retro vibe.

Trend Two: Winter Folk

If you have a boho style with a bit of classic side, you’ll be obsessed with this trend. You won’t be able to get enough of this moody color palette, which includes deep emeralds, simple neutral shades, and pops of plum and retro mustard (think that iconic plaid blazer and skirt set from Clueless).

First things first: you’ll want to get all the accent color pieces on deck. Whether it’s a bold pea coat or a colorful wrap dress, this trend will definitely guarantee that you stand out in the crowd. However, if you want to play down the bright tones a bit, try adding a beige coat or neutral heeled boots to give it a more laid-back vibe.

Just because summer is just about over doesn’t mean that the summer trends have to wrap up just yet. Florals and care-free, flowy fabrics are carrying over to the fall season, but with a bit of a classier touch. To really perfect this look, pair a darker toned floral maxi with a cropped sweater for a summer-to-fall transition. If you really want to take it up a notch, add some of those extra trendy sock boots for a stylish boost.

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