Alexander Wang Free For All Recap

If you received an anonymous email telling you to arrive at a disclosed location in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District for a “one time only” special event, would you go? Probably not. What if the email was sent from Alexander Wang?

On July 13, several hundred fans lined up outside of Highline Stages, eagerly awaiting the “one time only” event. The earliest person arrived around 8 o’clock in the morning and people kept tricking in for another six hours. The sidewalk was filled with assistants and interns – not a normal guest list for an Alexander Wang party.

Around 1:45, the doors were opened and the devotees were led into a dimly lit studio with no clues as to what was going to happen. The blank projector in front of the guests flickered on, first showing the Alexander Wang photo and then cutting to a video of the man himself. In a video of no more than five minutes, Wang announced that everyone there would have access to the T by Alexander Wang collection…FOR FREE.

As you can imagine, everyone was extremely calm about the situation and made their way to the clothing racks in the next room as composed as possible…yeah, right. Fans stormed the room, trampling anyone that was in their way for these designer goods. The video footage of this event is crazy – check it out here!

Only the first twenty people were handed shopping bags so everyone else was forced to resort to less civilized measures: picking up empty boxes, throwing items over their shoulders, grabbing other people’s claims when they weren’t looking, and even wearing their newly found goods.

When the “event” came to an end, the only things left were tissue paper, broken boxes and knocked-clothing racks. The scene itself looked like a fashion massacre.
Alexander Wang emerged sitting on a platform above the studio and the crowd cheered for him. Most of the people who attended weren’t the type of people that would be invited to an Alexander Wang party to experience the clothes firsthand, but there they were, walking out of the studio with piles of his clothes.