Adam Rippon’s Leather Harness Tuxedo At The Oscars Slayed Us All & We're Still Thinking About It

Just when we thought we couldn’t love this man anymore, Adam Rippon strutted into the Oscars in a gorgeous leather harness tuxedo and honestly, we’re floored — still, days later. Adam’s been stealing hearts ever since his extravagant skating performance at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. After getting to know the American 28-year-old Bronze medalist, we’ve fallen for Adam’s hilarious internet “trash” humor, general adorableness and, you guessed it, his impeccable fashion sense.

Adam decided to shake up traditional Oscars fashion by wearing an altered Moschino leather harness tuxedo. The tuxedo had leather straps sewn into the shoulders of the suit while wearing a full harness piece on the inside. Classing up the tuxedo, Adam donned a classic black bow tie and shiny black loafers. The new harness look garnered applause from fashion critics and Adam-lovers alike, with everyone loving Adam’s kinkier yet elegant choice of Oscar red carpet wear.

Of course, though, some saw the harness tuxedo as a fashion don't for its BDSM connotations and even deemed it "inappropriate" for the Oscars red carpet :


Adam was quick to defend his beloved suit on Twitter though, saying it made him feel like a "sexy MF": 

Adam, just like anyone else on the red carpet, wore what made him feel most comfortable and gorgeous and that is what is most important about fashion. Recently, net-izens have treasured Adam's as a stellar role model for the gay community and while some may argue his outfit was more harmful than helpful, we can't help but appreciate his unwavering sense of self and expressing himself the way he wanted to. We're here for this suit and any other statements this incredible man expects to make.