9 'Grams To Follow If You're In Need of Some Sustainable Style Inspo

You probably hear words like sustainability and slow fashion tossed around a lot in fashion today, but what do they really look like? While on the surface it may seem like Instagram is only a place for celeb stalking and keeping up with friends, a movement is emerging. Content creators, brands and global movements are using the platform as a medium to increase visibility of societal issues at large. They make us think outside of our typical feed of Fashion Week street style and Kardashian gossip. Adding meaningful content to your feed can inform and empower you! Through using social media you can increase your awareness of issues all around the globe. 

Here's a list of influencers and organizations whose 'grams show that being sustainability can be both attainable and on-trend, and give some much-needed advice on how you can incorporate sustainability into your everyday life. 

  1. 2. Jill Matthews

    This sustainable influencer describes her style as concious, casual and chic. Together with her husband Luke, the couple runs a his and hers sustainable lifestyle and travel blog. The world needs more #relationshipsgoals like this! 

  2. 3. The Concious Cut

    This Aussie is more than a sustainable blogger; she's also the designer and director behind Baiia, a sustainable swim company. Their adorable suits are made with 100% recycled fabrics and perfect for all your spring break pics!

  3. 4. The Unmaterial Girl

    Look no futher for sustainable #OOTD inspo! This self-proclaimed former fast-fashion addict now shares cute pieces from sustainable brands. She'll show you everything from how to successful shop at your local thrift store to how to upcycle your current wardrobe

  4. 9. Holly Rose

    Holly Rose is that cool girl you really want to be after graduation. Not only is she an environmentalist and a blogger, she's also a children's book author. Her feed alternates gorgeous travel shots with repost-worthy sustainability quotes. 

We can all do our part to build a more sustainable future in fashion, even through the 'Gram!