9 Glitter Boob Looks That Are Actually So Cute

The “free the nipple” trend is definitely not for everyone, but the latest craze in topless festival fashion just might have you seeing stars.

A number of festival-goers have been sporting the “glitter boob” look (also called “disco tits,” if you wanted another option), which involves covering *the girls* with tons of psychedelic glitter. Though wearing a crochet tank top seems easier (and prone to less wardrobe malfunctions), the glitter boob trend has gained traction and has turned into a sort of art form featuring unlimited sparkle and shine. Here are nine looks that we can't help but admire.

1. Who doesn't love this bronze-y bandeau?

2. The more shimmer, the better.

3. Disco pineapples? Yes, please.


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4. This combo of fine glitter with colorful gems is everything.

5. We can't get enough of this bandeau-inspired design.


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6. Can we just talk about this glitzy turtleneck!?

7. All that glitters is gold.


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8. This look gives us total hipster vibes.

9. We can only imagine how long it took to get this intricate design!

Though the #GlitterBoob trend is not everyone's style, we can't help but appreciate the crazy crystal designs and the brave ladies who sport these daring looks.