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9 Beauty Products You Should Never Share With Your Friends

You know the saying, sharing is caring, but how true is this motto when it comes to your go-to beauty products? Unfortunately (or maybe, fortunately), your favorite glam tools may be better left to your use and your use only. Read below for nine beauty products you should never share.

1. Tweezers

Wait, what? At first thought, tweezers might not seem that controversial, but they are definitely not something you want to share. From popping pimples to cleaning under dirty nails, you never know just how your friends are using their pair of pluckers.

2. Lipsticks or glosses

Believe it or not, sharing your favorite brand new matte lipstick with your bestie is actually an easy way to spread germs or infections. So, the next time your BFF has a birthday, get her her own version of that top-of-the-line lip kit she can’t get enough of. Trust us, you’ll both be happier (and safer)!

3. Makeup sponges

These are one of the biggest criminals on the list. With so many open pores, makeup sponges should never be shared. Make sure you are washing your own makeup sponges once a week and only using them on clean skin! It’s not worth the risk. 

4. Tub of lotion

Lotions that come in a tub or jar are actually adorable and extremely convenient, but you should probably shy away from letting your friends dig in (literally) to your favorite body butter. Dipping your hands in a container of lotion or balm is a quick way to spread bacteria—even if your friends are washing their hands—many different fingers are sure to spread germs.

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5. Mascara

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Eyelids and eyelashes are home to a plethora of bacteria—and an individual can have no visible symptoms of an eye infection when they first contract it. Be safe and keep your mascara to yourself, collegiettes!

6. Razors

As you can probably imagine, razors are extremely dirty. From blood to body hair, it’s definitely a tool that should only be used by you.

Any bacterium that may be hiding on the surface of your skin is likely to be picked up by your razor. If you share with even your closest friend, you are spreading these germs to both of your bodies. Avoid it at all costs!

7. Toothbrushes

For some of you, this is already gross AF ––but for others, sharing your toothbrush with your SO or BFF is probably a crime you’re guilty of committing. In fact, a survey by Irish Health found that one in three people admit to sharing their toothbrush. 

There are many health risks associated with sharing your toothbrush, and one major risk is the spreading of blood-borne illnesses. Think about it: Gums can bleed when you brush your teeth! When someone else borrows your brush, they might be exposed to this blood (amongst other germs). 

8. Hairbrushes

We know you probably didn’t expect to see this one on the list. However, in addition to the spreading of lice, sharing your personal hairbrush with others can also spread ringworm fungus ––ew! Play it safe and keep your personal hairbrush to yourself. 

9. Deodorant

Every collegiette has shared her deodorant (or borrowed a friend’s) at least once in her lifetime, and we don’t blame you! Nobody likes to sweat or smell bad. However, it might be time to start carrying your own deodorant with you at all times. Sharing your smell-good stick with your friend can transfer bacteria, hair and skin cells between the two of you. Not only is that just plain gross, but it also has the potential to lead to infection.

When it comes to beauty and self-care, your own well-being should always be the main priority. Next time your BFF asks to borrow your makeup, make sure you know what she can – and cannot – use. You’ll both be happier (and healthier) because of it!

Taylor is a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is pursuing a major in journalism with a minor in English. Taylor is a member of Delta Zeta and she hopes to work for a magazine after college. Some of Taylor's favorite things include fashion, fitness, Harry Potter, Chipotle and Instagram. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @Tay_Carson!