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8 Skirt Outfits So Cute You’ll Forget About Jeans & Leggings

Skirts are as versatile as jeans are when it comes to planning a cute outfit to wear! There are plenty of ways to wear a skirt and look fashionable at the same time. You may see jeans as your staple but soon enough skirts will be your staple instead. And here’s a little secret: they’re MUCH better than jeans, pants, and leggings. Skirts are much cuter than plain leggings and add an interesting component to your outfit. They’re also comfier than jeans since they let your legs breathe freely!

1. Leather skirt + white shirt

This is an adorable way to sport the classic black and white combo. Victoria’s Secret model, Taylor Hill, wears her leather skirt well by tucking in a basic white tee. Taylor finishes off the look with black sheer tights and over-the-knee boots. A white shirt and black tights are pretty easy to find but to copy her look you need a black leather skirt, like this one from Forever 21, and a pair of over-the-knee boots. This look is great because it gives you a chic way to wear boots with your skirt without your outfit looking too clunky.

2. Denim skirt + tee 

A simple outfit often looks the most stylish. A denim skirt, black shirt, and shoes of your choice are all you need to get this fabulous look! Try this denim skirt from Zara and pair that with a simple black tee shirt like this one from Target. This outfit is great because you can still wear denim without having to settle on a pair of jeans. Also, the basic tee shirt is cheap to buy and will keep you cool in hot weather.

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3. Corduroy skirt + tank top

Sticking with the simplicity theme, this outfit screams fashionista. A high neck black tank top pairs well with a corduroy skirt of any color under the rainbow. Finish off the look with any pair of black boots. The black top and shoes go with literally any color, which allows you to choose a color for your skirt that best expresses your unique style.

4. Maxi skirt + sweater

Even when you’re feeling a little chilly, that doesn’t mean you have to turn to pants and jeans! Wear a maxi skirt and a sweater to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. While you may think jeans are the only cold weather staple, the right skirt can be one too. This outfit is super customizable, since you can mix and match prints and colors for your skirt and sweater. If you’re feeling dressy, accessorize your look with a gold necklace or any necklace that calls your name!

5. Marled knit skirt + leather jacket

This all monochrome outfit will have you feeling ready to be in Vogue. All you have to do is find a stylish marled knit skirt and pair it with a leather jacket and pair of white sneakers. The white sneakers keep this look chic without having to sacrifice any comfort. It’s perfect for a busy day in the city with lots of walking.

6. Denim on denim

Bring on the denim! The best way to complement a denim skirt is more denim. Wear your denim skirt with a denim button-down shirt for maximum style points. Jeans aren’t the only way to wear denim! This outfit allows you to wear two pieces of denim in a subtle and fashionable way.

7. Plaid skirt + cold shoulder top

A cute outfit with a plaid skirt will give you serious Veronica Lodge from Riverdale vibes! Pair a plaid skirt with a cold shoulder top to create a look that’s both fun and classy. Cold shoulder tops are super in style right now and are popping up all over clothing stores!

8. Tulle skirt + lace top

Tulle skirts are absolutely whimsical. Pair a midi-length tulle skirt with a lace top to look both dressy and adorable. This outfit is wonderful because the layers of tulle will make you feel and look like a princess. Plus, tulle is a lot more fun than denim.

These eight ingenious outfits are clear proof that you can wear skirts for literally any occasion and style them in any way imaginable. Alright, you can know throw out all those uncomfortable, rigid jeans in your closet!

Zaynah Javed is a Her Campus Feature Writer, freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Chicago native. Her interests include all things science and politics. She has a strong passion for astronomy and outer space, leading her to pursue it as a minor. She is an advocate and volunteer for organizations such as The Planetary Society, which encourages space exploration. She plans on majoring in Public Health, as she believes healthcare is a fundamental right and loves the mix of politics, government, and biology that it offers.
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