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8 Must-Have Denim Pieces for Spring

Forget the couture threads this spring, and embrace a name of plebeian royalty: trouser titan Levi Strauss. Denim everything is painting the town totally blue this season and from your jeans to your jackets, Her Campus has got you covered on how to rock this trend the right way and avoid looking the part of dip-spittin’ farmhand- (hi Justin and Britney).

When you’re doing denim right, it’s giving you legs a mile-long and a derriere Sir Mix-a-lot would rap about, and who wouldn’t want that? Read on for your 8 Must-Have Denim Pieces this spring and colour your style true-blue, (or pastel, or printed).

Petite Ditsy Denim Bralet- Topshop ($55)
Denim Soft Bralet- Topshop ($47)
Denim Zip Bralet- Topshop ($26)

MOTO Floral Leigh Jean- Topshop ($79)
MOTO Aztec Printed Leigh- Topshop ($79)
MOTO Floral Printed Leigh- Topshop ($79)

MOTO High Waisted Hotpants- Topshop ($59)
Tall High Waisted Hotpants- Topshop ($55)
MOTO High Waisted Kristen Hotpants- Topshop ($63)
MOTO Stripe High Waist Hotpants- Topshop ($63)

MOTO Oversized Western Jacket- Topshop ($83)
MOTO Acid Denim Jacket- Topshop ($79)
Denim Jacket- H&M ($47)

Denim Bodycon Dress- Free People ($77)
Denim Bustier Dress- Free People ($115)

Longroad Denim Vest- Madewell ($87)
Denim Vest- Old Navy ($30)
Life in Progress™ Denim Vest- Forever 21 ($23)

Denim Circle Skirt- American Apparel ($44)
Denim Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Denim Circle Skirt- American Apparel ($60)
Stretch Bull Denim High-Waisted Skirt- American Apparel ($53)

MOTO High Waist Sorbet Jamie Jeans- Topshop ($80)
Colour Skinny Jeans- gojane.com ($27)
MOTO Mink Baxter Jeans- Topshop ($79)
1969 Lightweight Always Skinny Cropped Jeans- Gap ($70)

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