8 Fashionable Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

Though the weather outside may be frightful, what you wear shouldn’t have to be! As tempted as you may be to wake up and grab that old hoodie you’ve been wearing since high school and throw on that mismatching frumpy coat, don’t do it! And for those of you running as fast as you can from class to class to avoid the cold because you’re clinging onto those thinner outfits from fall and summer, it’s time to end those mad dashes! Just because the temperatures are dropping doesn’t mean you have to drop your sense of style or the comfort of warmth. Her Campus has eight creative ways to keep you looking hot even in the cold.

Extra! Extra! Ear All About It: Earwarmer Headbands

Long gone are the days of puffy earmuffs. Earwarmer headbands are what are trending this season! They wrap around your head rather than over, reminiscent of those hippie headbands from summer. And yet, they usually come knitted and thick enough to cover the ears and keep them warm, making them a practical and stylish choice for winter. Here are a few of our favorites:

Etsy, $38

The Big Bow: Bows have been making a big comeback, so this earwarmer headband is a particularly popular one this season. Its size makes a bold statement and allows your ears to stay fully covered.

Etsy, $15

Pop of Color: Winter can sometimes feel dreary with a lot of grey days, so a pop of color can really help you stand out and bring a little cheer. Jennifer Dayan, fashion expert and founder of I Found a Secret, says, “Wear bright colors! Everyone tends to wear dark colors when it’s cold. Be different!” 

Urban Outfitters, $19

Adorable Animal: Me-ow! You will be adorably irresistible in a cute animal earwarmer headband. Stylist Elizabeth Kamm says, “I’ve noticed a few trends in staying fashionably warm this winter, but my favorite is the animal trend. It sounds silly but these items are easy to find and they are so much fun to wear and are especially compliment-worthy as a novelty item for your wardrobe this winter.”

Urban Outfitters, $19

Tribal Print: This hipster look is definitely not only for those summer months, so to add a little color and warmth to your wardrobe, get a tribal print earwarmer headband. Its fleece lining will be sure to keep you hot like summer even in the cold of winter.

Be Smitten With Mittens (Or Gloves)!

According to stylist Noelle Cellini, “[G]loves (or mittens) are a must in the cold, but this is the perfect opportunity to have fun and express your sense of style. Don’t think they have to match each other or your coat! Mix it up with colors. Think color blocking: like red and pink or add an animal print like leopard.” Adding these dashes of color and texture add the perfect accent to a well put-together outfit. Here are some suggestions:

Nordstrom, $51.90

Better with Leather: Kamm says, “Leather gloves offer an opportunity to polish a more dressed up look.” They are a great complement to the textures of peacoats and have a more formal look to them, making them a great option for special occasions. Kamm loves opera-length leather gloves because of the functionality of their length. Harper Yi, a sophomore at the College of William and Mary, likes lined leather gloves for extra warmth.

Forever 21, $7.80

Fingerless and Free: These mittens from Forever 21 are just perfect for functionality and fun! They have useful pockets that fold back so you can easily use your phone. Their length also adds extra warmth acting as tight arm warmers to keep that bitter air from getting in through the sleeves of your coat. And who doesn’t love stripes of neon pink to remind you of summer in these duller days of winter?