8 Cute Sunglasses to Rock Over Spring Break

It's pretty much understood that spring break is a college student's favorite time of year. We get a week-long break just when the semester starts weighing on us and the snow is getting to be too much. Whether you're traveling somewhere warmer or staying exactly where you are, protecting your eyes is a must... and protecting them in style is too.

We've put together a list of the most on-trend, fun, and fashionable sunglasses that will give your eyes relief from the sun and give you a reason to go out and show them off. From the most subtle designs to the boldest prints, we've got you covered!

Spring break like a fashion queen with all of our favorite sunglasses from this season:

1. Wildfox Lip Service Sunglasses, $109

These lip-shaped sunglasses are fun, flirty, and totally unique.

2. Forever 21 Ombre Round Sunglasses, $9.90

This subtle geometric-themed design is perfect for someone who wants a fun pair of sunglasses without being extra.

3. EyeBuyDirect Augustine Sunglasses, $42

These adorable tortoise-print vintage-style sunglasses will make you feel like it's summer all year long (even while the snow is piling up outside).

4. WYETH Sutton Matte Stone Sunglasses, $140

I'm definitely not complaining at the chance to snag a pair of these trendy, one-of-a-kind shades. 

5. TOPSHOP Winnie Chunky Square Frame Sunglasses, $30

Turn up the heat with these super trendy square frames.

6. ASOS Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses with Rose Gold Brow Bar, $189

While these sunglasses are likely to burn a hole in your wallet, this is an awesome opportunity to get your hands on more affordable Ray-Ban sunglasses, which usually start at $200. Not gonna lie, I'm also kind of obsessed with the unique rose gold accents.

7. Wildfox Lolita Sunglasses, $99

Wildfox is killing me with all its adorable designs this season... my poor wallet.

8. Nordstrom Le Specs Air Heart 51mm Polarized Sunglasses, $69

How awesome are these futuristic sunnies?  

Happy springbreaking, everyone!