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7 Wearable Ways to Show Off Your Love for Donuts

Is your breakfast of choice a delicious, ideally cream-filled donut? Do you frequent the nearest Krispy Kreme on an unhealthy basis? Are you obsessed with all things glazed, sprinkled, and O-shaped? Big news, collegiettes! Today is National Donut Day, and we’re here to help you celebrate with some donut-themed apparel that is sure to make your mouths water (and make your fellow donut lovers totally jealous).

1. Slip into this sweet bikini

Yes, you read that right: donuts can help you rock a bikini body! Show off your passion with this donut print bikini ($33, ASOS).

2. Pack ’em in

For the collegiette on the go, a backpack is essential, whether it’s for carrying internship essentials or running to class—or, even better, for storing tons of donuts. Use this “Space Doughnut” backpack to show that donuts are out of this world ($45, ASOS). We may not know what a space donut is, but we know we want one!

3. Show off your treats

After a day of donuts, an elastic waistband is a godsend. Leave room for more with these donut leggings ($79.95, RebelCircus.com). Looking for a cheaper pair to lounge around in? Try these similar leggings from Target ($13).

4. Head in the (donut-shaped) clouds

Keep your hair out of your frosting with this adorably sweet donut headband ($14, MARIALIA).

5. Be a donut diva 

Channel your inner diva with these donut-rimmed shades, perfect for masking the glossy look in your eye as you daydream about your next donut ($50, NYLON). 

6. We’ll take strawberry frosting, please

Are donut rims a little too distracting? Embrace the subtler look of these strawberry donut sunglasses as you peruse the streets for the nearest donut shop ($19.95, Zumiez).

7. Sprinkle in some sass

A morning of donuts probably means an afternoon at the gym, but don’t sweat it! You can express your donut obsession while working out thanks to this sporty-chic performance top ($78, MARIALIA). Looking for something even edgier? Try the “Donuts on Black” pattern instead!

Now, go get yourself a glazed donut—you’ve earned it. 

Emily Platt is a former National Contributing Writer, Beauty Editor, Career Editor, and Editorial Intern for Her Campus. She studied at Vassar College and held additional internships at Cosmopolitan.com and MarthaStewartWeddings.com. Emily loves emojis, Beach Body workouts, and her cats. She takes pride in her single mysteriously-white eyelash.