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7 Ways to Rock a Button-Up That You’ve Never Thought Of

Button-ups are the best. From your favorite flannel to your designer denim top, chances are, there are several in your wardrobe. Looking for a new way to rock yours this season? Check out the list we compiled below––you’ll be sure to stand out!

1. Wear it half-buttoned under a cropped sweater

Steal this street walker’s amazing style by pairing your favorite cropped sweater with a button-up. It is the perfect way to transform a look for a night out into one made for the daytime!

2. Rock it overtop of a bralette

How cute is this? Bralettes are a major trend this season, so there is no better way to show yours off than by pairing it with your button-up. Even better, you can make this look anything from casual to classy.

3. Combine more than one in the same outfit

We absolutely love this one. If you’re feeling adventurous, layer your button-up top with a skirt in the same fabric, like this fashionista did. It just works!

4. Wrap it around your waist underneath your favorite leather jacket

We all remember doing this with our hoodies as kids, but guess what? Wrapping your button-up around your waist is actually in style now! Throw a leather jacket overtop and stand out from the crowd.

5. Dress it up with a fur vest

We bet you didn’t know flannels could be this fabulous! Dress up your go-to button-up with a fur vest to look chic without ditching the comfort.

6. Transition from shirt to skirt

When you think of a button-up, you imagine a shirt more often than not. This fall, change up your game and add an awesome button-up skirt to your wardrobe! They are totally trendy.

7. Turn an oversized top into a dress

Follow in the footsteps of this stylish chick and make your favorite oversized button-up a dress! Pair it with your best fall jacket for an easy look that is sure to get you noticed.

Get experimenting, collegiettes!

Taylor is a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is pursuing a major in journalism with a minor in English. Taylor is a member of Delta Zeta and she hopes to work for a magazine after college. Some of Taylor's favorite things include fashion, fitness, Harry Potter, Chipotle and Instagram. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @Tay_Carson!