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7 Savvy Beauty Tips to Try in 2011

I’m keen on movie makeover montages. Waxing, bleaching, accoutrements like contact lenses and voila, a home-schooled jungle freak is transformed into Plastic. It gives me sense of control in a world of chaos. While I don’t have a troika of narcissistic teenagers or a friend named Cher (but if I find either one you’ll be the first to know), I do have a few genius, real women- and runway-tested beauty tips to share that are effortlessly high impact. Read on for the most clever, coveted beauty tips of 2011. 

1. Give Lip Service

Bright lips were de rigueur on spring runways

Photo: Getty Images

Bare lips are banal in a sea of collegiettes™, so flaunt your chic side with a polished kisser. Virtually foolproof, a chunky lip pen like LipSurgence™ by tarte allows you to line and fill your lips in with the same long-lasting stain. Extend your lines a little past your natural lips to accentuate what nature gave you. Then, place gloss one shade lighter in the center of your bottom lip for maximum pout.

2. Boost Bone Structure
By creating shadows with powder, you can make your face appear thinner, define your cheekbones, and even diminish a double chin. Contour your face by sucking in your cheeks and applying a beige bronzer two shades darker than your skin directly into the holes. To slenderize your nose, sweep it down either side of the bridge, leaving the middle untouched. Finish by spreading the leftover powder along your jaw line.

Celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin uses NARS Sex Appeal, a peachy hue perfect for fair complexions, to sculpt red carpet stunner Blake Lively.  


 3. Go (Nearly) Barefaced

Every woman should have an effective I’m-not-wearing-makeup makeup routine at her disposal. To subtly define your lips and eyes, work a tiny dot of a moisturizing, liquid highlighter (we like Lorac’s botanical-infused Oil-Free Luminizer ) into your cupid’s bow (right above the center of your top lips) and directly onto your brow bone. You’ll look lit-from-within and none will be the wiser.


4. Strike It Oil Rich  

You shouldn’t have to choose between hair that’s full of body or hair that shines brilliantly. Capture both with multi-tasking argan oil: a tiny dollop worked through damp hair removes frizz and static while weightlessly conditioning and illuminating your hair. Hairstylist to the stars David Babaii uses Moroccanoil products on the likes of Angelina Jolie to lock in shine and smoothness.

5. Brighten Your Eyes

Before you do your makeup, squeeze a few redness-relieving eye drops such as Rohto to brighten the whites of your eyes for hours.  It’s been reported that having super-bright eye-whites makes Elle Macpherson such a knockout.  

6. Hyper-Clean Your Skin

Stressful semesters often lead to skin flare-ups, and affording facials on a college budget is a stretch. Squirt your favorite cleanser onto a skin brush like the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System for a high-intensity (six times better than normal washing) cleanse. The rotating action of the brush allows the ingredients in your cleanser to penetrate deeper, increasing its potency and thoroughly cleansing your skin. The best part? All you have to do is run the brush over your face for a massage!

7. Wing It

Everything old is new again—the winged eyeliner trend proves it. Follow the line on your top lashes closely with a gel liner (or kohl pencil if you’re a novice) until the outer corner of your eye begins to slope—that’s when you flick the end up. Spring’s take on the runway utilized unexpected colors for a modern twist on this retro classic. 

Photo: Imaxtree  

From your eyes to your lips, 2011 is a time to start fresh. After all, with a new year comes the possibility for a new you, so give these tips a try to start 2011 with a beauty bang. 







Alana Peden handles public relations for the one-of-a-kind Austin startup SpareFoot.  Her interests span from how to wield a mascara wand to the intricacies of the 3-4 defense, as does her writing repertoire. She has interned in the beauty departments at Lucky and Good Housekeeping, covered college athletics for Horns Illustrated, and contributed gleefully to Texas Music. Always game for a laugh at her own expense, Alana aspires to one day give the universe back a scintilla of what it gives to her. When she's not reading or writing,  she's planning elaborate outfits for hypothetical situations unlikely to materialize. Please reach Alana here. 
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