7 Kendall Jenner Outfits You Can Totally Copy

Everyone wants to replicate their favorite celeb’s style. But with designer dresses costing more than our tuition and the lack of access to our own personal stylists, it can get hard. We may not be able to wear Givenchy on the regular, but we can totally pretend. One celeb who has designer taste with a regular girl vibe is Kendall Jenner. She may be walking the runways in Paris, but her style is so everyday cool girl that even when she’s rocking designer frocks, we can still relate. Here’s how to finally snag her style. 

1. The cropped sweatshirt

Take notes from Kendall and pair a sporty cropped sweatshirt with a tailored cigarette pant so you’re comfortable but chic. Since you’re not hitting the gym, but still want to be comfortable, go for pointed toe flats that add class but won’t have you needing a foot massage at the end of the night.

2. The DIY t-shirt

Leave your college brand tee for the tailgate and pay your favorite band tribute by getting crafty with one of their shirts. Sprucing up an old band tee is the perfect low-cost alternative to a trendy top and will definitely set you apart from the crowd. Kendall bares it all with a bralette and keeps the rest of the look simple with 80s-esque mom jeans and booties.

3. The denim jacket

Leave the fitted denim jackets in high school. Oversized denim is for the older girls and it’s a classic. You may be able to find this in your family’s attic for free, but in case you can’t, your local thrift store will totally have you covered. Pair your jacket with a girly number like a dress or romper and balance the look out with sneakers and accessories. This look is perfect when you want the “I didn’t feel like getting dressed today” look.

4. The high-waisted jean

Is Kendall headed to class or just filling up her Rover? Since she’s a full-time model, we’ll guess she’s just filling up the tank — so you can totally steal this look for your 8 a.m. Not only is this look cute, it’s easy too. Tuck a simple tank into your favorite high-waisted jeans and pair them with simple white sneakers. Mimic Kendall's light wash look with these classic Levi's ($33, Kohl's). You’ll be ready in under five minutes.

 5. The ribbed sweater

Save the chunky sweaters for the winter and a lighter sweater that keeps you warm without making you sweat. Kendall kept it casual with jeans, but feel free to alternate between mom jeans and a tailored pant depending on the occasion. 

6. The pointed toe ankle boots

Kendall has always been a fan of pointed toe shoes. Not only are they a staple, they can make the simplest jeans-and-tee combo into a girl's night outfit in a second. Get booties similar to Kendall's without breaking the bank by snagging these Nine West booties ($60, Belk) and dress up your most casual looks. 

7. The choker

Ms. Jenner loves chokers and she knows how to work them! Kendall stands out from the fashion crowd she hangs with because she's always trying different takes on trends. Kendall's been spotted in thick chokers and even a diamond one that not many others sport. Get out of your accessory comfort zone and try out a different choker like Kendall. Try this velvet one from Top Shop ($20, Top Shop) and be ahead of the choker trend. 

Kendall has nailed her “model off duty” style and you can too without dipping into your grocery money! While Ms. Jenner may be sporting designer labels, she has a classic style, which means you don’t have to look far to obtain it. Who knows? The paparazzi may be snapping your pic soon!