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7 Guy Beauty YouTubers That Will Teach you How to Slay Your Makeup

The Instagram explore page starts innocently enough; it’s just a place to see different users’ pictures that you don’t already follow. However, within seconds it’s easy to become enveloped, only to catch yourself hours later wondering where all that time went. That content-vortex is exactly like watching YouTube beauty videos. But, if you have a few hours to spare (or even if you don’t), you won’t regret falling down this male beauty guru video hole. Seriously, how are they this talented?

1. Manny Gutierrez, AKA Manny MUA 

Manny MUA racks up about 700k views on his videos on all things makeup, life and style. His hilarious tell-it-like-it-is personality coupled with his beauty know-how has amassed a cult following of over three million subscribers. In this video, Manny walks viewers through a fall-vibes makeup look with a bold lip and lashes for days. 

2. Patrick Starr

Literally who isn’t aware of this beauty celeb? He’s even done the contour Queen, Kim K’s, makeup. Starr’s mastered everything from extreme makeup transformations to the perfect winged liner. In this video, Patrick teams up with Rihanna for a Fenty Beauty tutorial. If you ever wanted to know how to get the perfect contour, look no further.

3. Looking For Lewys

This 18-year-old YouTube beauty guru from Scotland first started his channel as a singer and actor when he was only 13. Now, he’s the go-to for makeup tutorials, hauls and lifestyle vlogs. Lewys shares 10 beauty hacks he actually uses in this video, like using waterproof eyeliner, but the reason to watch is his ~accent~. 

4. Jonathan Curtis

Curtis is a makeup artist who started his channel a few years ago to show off his expertise. Now his channel has garnered over 900k video views and over 12k subscribers. If you’re looking for a good tutorial on flawless skin, Cutis has you covered. Watch this video to see how he creates “expensive looking skin.” 

5. Marc Zapanta

Zapanta, known as the Prince of Vanity, is one of YouTube’s esteemed male beauty gurus. His videos are a combination of hauls, makeup transformations, tutorials and DIY hacks, among other topics. If you’re still struggling to perfect the perfect holiday lip color, Zapanta has the perfect tutorial for you. 

6. Wayne Goss 

With playlists full of tutorials, ranging from celebrity transformations to eyeshadow how-tos, Goss breaks down every look for makeup beginners. Let’s face it, not everyone is a makeup expert, so it helps to get a step-by-step guide for your favorite looks. In this video, Goss explains how to minimize the appearance of pores, which is definitely a trick everyone needs in their makeup arsenal. 

7. Arabia Felix

You’ll most likely become instantly jealous of Felix’s amazing makeup skills. He’s mastered everything from killer winged eyeliners to fleeky brows. Next time you have a themed mixer or need makeup inspiration, go straight to his channel. In his tutorial, “Everyday Boy Glam Makeup,” Felix serves up the moodiest gold-blue eye look. Why not switch up you going out look and try this instead?

Whether you’re still trying to master the technique for a sharp winged eyeliner, or the perfect technique for a full pout, these male YouTube beauty gurus will help you get there. They don’t have thousands of subscribers for no reason! 

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