7 Gender-Neutral Style Staples You'll Want For All Your 2019 Fits

Gender-neutral style truly took 2018 by storm, and quote us now: gender-fluid fashion will be everything during 2019. Limits and rules of fashion have been shattered by the Gen Z & Millennial generations and TBH, they're not stopping any time soon. From high-end brands like Gucci to your go-to style stops like Target, the market for gender-neutral fashion has never looked so promising.

With that in mind, it's time to give gender-fluid style a shot in 2019 if you haven't quite explored the scene yet. There are so many gender-neutral items that can easily be incorporated into your everyday looks. Here are seven of our fave gender-neutral essentials you'll need to stock up on this year for a kickass wardrobe.

1. Boots 


Steve Madden Bumper Platform Bootie, DSW, $99.99

It's no secret that boots are a flattering shoe to rock in the winter, but combat boots are sure to really take your look to the next level. Doc Martens and Timberlands have a chunkier look, with Docs seeming edgier and Timbs seeming more outdoorsy. While both linger in traditionally masculine fashion, these boots both accentuate your ankles and give you some height, making you look a little taller. These types of boots can pull any outfit — however masculine, feminine or in between — all together. 

2. Blazers



Saturday uniform: BLAZER

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We're all encouraged to wear blazers for many of our professional endeavors, but this formal wear can also be the gender-neutral piece to class up any outfit. The key is picking out blazers in different colors, patterns and fittings. Tighter blazers can show off your figure, while looser blazers give a boxier look. Floral prints, tweed, or just plain black blazers, this article of clothing can achieve a whole spectrum of looks.

3. Fanny packs

Yes, this newly "in" retro trend is as gender-neutral as it gets. Not only are fanny packs functional for carrying your belongings hands-free, but they can add a pop to your outfit as well. Add a bright red fanny pack to a more monochrome fit for that colorful finishing touch. This accessory's quirky looks are gender-neutral and eye-catching as well. 

4. Silver earrings

Unisex Earrings, Amazon, $10.99

Guys, gals, and non-binary pals are rocking more accessories these days. Silver earrings are all the rage, especially a classic hoop, stud or drop earring. Earrings are especially great for adding a little sparkle but not going too over the top. If sparkling silver is still a little too flashy for you, more rustic silver and gold earrings can be a better alternative. 

5. Bucket hats 



/ Check Bucket Hat meribeige made - 1/2 (wed) 20:00 Online pre-order . . . #buckethat #meribeigemade

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Bucket hats can top off any streetwear fit perfectly. The bucket hat's, well, bucket shape makes them an interesting focal point in any look. They're a little bulkier and draw attention toward the top of your outfit, but can contrast well with either looser or tighter fitting clothing. They were spotted on practically every runway last year, and they may be 2019's best gender-neutral accessory. 

6. Flared pants

Paperbag-waist Pant, One DNA, $265

Flared pants are becoming a staple in the gender-neutral fashion scene. They can have a more flowy silhouette (similar to a flared skirt) or look boxier depending on the material. The differing silhouettes that come with flared pants, all which can be chosen according to your preference, make them a gorgeous gender-neutral item to add to your closet. 

Gender-neutral clothing has thankfully been gaining more traction in the fashion world, with our fashion starting to depart from strict gender norms. While there may be a little ways to go to make gender-neutral shopping a full reality, there are plenty of pieces like these that are ultra-fashion forward for 2019.