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7 College Women on The Most Expensive Beauty Product They’ve Purchased

Expensive beauty products can be really elusive. Are they actually any good? Should you really be buying something so expensive? But almost everyone has at least one beauty item they’ve splurged on – whether it’s a hair, makeup, or skincare product, we all have that one thing we’re willing to drop our savings for. To feel less isolated in our expensive taste, we chatted with seven women from all over the country to see what their most expensive beauty product purchases were.

My Burberry Perfume by Burberry, $72

Fragrance is a super common item to spend big bucks on. Alexa Garcia, a sophomore at George Mason University says, “I bought [My Burberry perfume] because I really really love the scent and I’ve never smelled anything like it before. I was also in Paris at the time and I knew the best perfumes are made in Paris.”

Is a trip to Paris in your future? Now you know what to buy!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, $54

When splurging on an eyeshadow palette, you definitely want it to be high-quality with a good amount of color options. Hannah Newman, a junior at Millersville University, said she decided to purchase the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette because “I had seen people everywhere talking about the Naked palettes and they seemed so popular and fancy to me. I chose to buy the Naked 3 because I loved the soft pink shades that it had!”

Check before you buy––It’s always super important to make sure you like the shades so you’ll get your money’s worth.

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La Mer Sunless Tanning Lotion, $100

Sunless tanning lotion is awesome for avoiding that winter paleness, but a good one can definitely cost a pretty penny. Gabriela Vascimini, a sophomore at Columbia University, highly recommends La Mer, saying“It’s amazing and totally worth the $100!”

Pro-tip: use latex gloves for even coverage and so you don’t stain your hands.

Body Lotion and Perfume Set by Victoria’s Secret, $30

Once again, perfume can definitely lean towards the pricier side. With Victoria’s Secret, though, their perfume mist and lotion sets give you a little more bang for your big buck. Avery Dill, a junior at Brenau University, loves her set.“[I was drawn to] the packaging,” she says.“I’m very girly, so the packaging was practically screaming my name.”

Avery suggests using the lotion and perfume for special occasions to make it last a bit longer!

Matte Skinstick Concealer by Fenty, $25

We’ve been obsessed with Fenty since Queen Rih launched her line. Iesha Ismail, a senior at University of Florida, says “I bought my first high-end product last week and it was the Matte Skinstick concealer by Fenty! It was $25 but it felt very worth the price, since Fenty has such a wide shade range. I found one that fit my skin tone perfectly.”

Props to Rih for being the first to include forty shades of her foundation products!

Morphe’s Jaclyn Hill Palette, $38

Another aspect to look for when spending a large amount of money on an eyeshadow palette is a wide range of diverse colors. University of Missouri – Columbia graduate Micki Wagner says “I think the most expensive beauty purchase I’ve made was Morphe’s Jaclyn Hill Palette. It was almost $40, but it was the first quality eyeshadow palette I’ve ever bought, and it was such a good investment piece.”

She adds, “There are a ton of colors, and it’s a perfect place to start from if you’re getting into doing more involved eyeshadow looks. It was totally worth the money. 10/10, would buy again!”

We might just have to do our own splurge on this one.

Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara, $23

A good mascara is sometimes the key to a perfect final touch on a makeup look. Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara definitely lives up to its name. Alex Thomas, a sophomore at Arizona State University, says “I’m addicted to using “Better Than Sex” mascara. It’s definitely pricier than a generic mascara you could buy for like $10, but it makes my eyelashes look so full and long;I can’t use anything else!”

While sometimes it can be hard to justify a big beauty purchase, it’s also good to treat yourself every once and awhile. Next time you’re at Ulta or Sephora, try out something you wouldn’t normally shell out so much cash for and enjoy your new product!

Marisa Pieper is a student at Arizona State University studying Communication, Fashion, and Marketing (digital & traditional). She loves to discuss the latest style and beauty trends while also reporting on things that are important to her!