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For many modern, tech-savvy collegiettes, smartphones have been acting as personal assistants for years now. But with their huge databases of apps, they can also be trainers, teachers, weathermen, stylists, and even beauty consultants. Maximize your smartphone’s potential by checking out these seven beauty apps (best part is, they’re all free!). Next time you’re in a beauty sitch, you’ll be glad you did.

1. When You’re Applying Makeup On-the-go:

Mirror, mirror, I have none…What to do for a girl on the run? Yes, ladies, there’s an app for that. Mirror, rather than simply providing a reflecting screen, takes advantage of the front-facing camera on new iPhones to create an experience that more closely resembles a real mirror. Unlike the regular front-facing camera, this app won’t flip your image, making your beauty routine on-the-go that much easier! You can even freeze your image within the app for a closer look. If you’re a collegiette with a Droid, try the likenamed “Mirror” app for Android. It allows you to control exposure and zoom all within the app. (iPhone)

2. When You’re Questioning That New Beauty Product:
Makeup Alley

You may be familiar with the online beauty product review site Mackeup Alley. Now, their whole collection of advice is available on the go! Perfect for the moments in the store when you’re considering a new product but nervous about the quality or experience. Search it on Makeup Alley and read reviews from their huge database of other beauty lovers! You can even filter the reviews according to readers with similar skin types, tone, or age range. (iPhone, Android)

3. When You Want to Buy Responsibly:
Good Guide

Picture this: you pick up a stylish-looking conditioner in the store. Then you whip out your iPhone and scan the barcode in your Good Guide app. You’ve already programmed in the issues you value most (taking into account safe and healthy ingredients, nutritional value for food items, animal welfare, human rights, climate change, and energy efficiency, among others). Good Guide produces an easy-to-read report on the product, even catering it according to the causes you value most. Within a matter of seconds, you know exactly what goes into the making of your favorite shampoo, body wash, or mascara. (iPhone, Android)

4. When You Want to Find the Right Nail Color to Match Your New Dress:
China Glaze

China Glaze’s app allows you to use a picture from your photo gallery or from life and matches it to the perfect color within their nail collection. Whether you’re inspired by a beautiful flower, your new shoes, or a color in a painting, anything goes! It also allows you to see how a color looks on your skin tone before buying, by using its virtual nail salon. (iPhone)

5. When You Need a Little Beauty Guidance or Inspiration:
Daily Glow

Need a tutorial on how to best cover up dark circles? They’ve got experts for that. Along with how-to’s for creating curls, at-home exfoliation, and oil control. Bored with your makeup or hair look and want to try something new? This app has got you covered there as well. Along with product reviews, an instant manicure virtual boutique, blogs, and community groups to discuss all things beauty. They have basically conquered all of your beauty-related needs in this one app. They even have a daily beauty tip to keep you informed, inspired, and looking your best! (iPhone)

6. When You Need a Mani-Pedi STAT:

SpaFinder dominates the salon world, through every step of the process. It allows you to search for salons in your surrounding area, peruse reviews, take advantage of last-minute deals, book an appointment, and then access directions to the salon. It doesn’t get simpler than that. (iPhone)

7. When You Need to Change Up Your Hair:

If you’re anything like us, you often want to “do something new” with your hair but have no idea what to tell your hairstylist when your appointment day arrives. With this app, you can not only find inspiration for your next hair hit, but also bring it into your salon to show your hairstylist just what look you like. Search this huge database of hairstyles and colors and save your favorites to customized folders. You can even search for salons in-app! (iPhone, Android)

Who needs a professional beauty consultant when you have all of this at your fingertips?