5 Ways to Wear Sweats Every Day of Finals

It's that time in the semester when school completely takes over your life: finals week. You're practically living at the library, your main food group is a Starbucks latte and you can't remember what it's like to have a social life. While you may be devoting your blood, sweat and tears to your textbooks, finals week shouldn't feel like a total punishment. Take a break from study hour and put on an outfit that'll give you a confidence boost! Okay, we know actually looking put together to take a test may seem absurd, but what if all of said cute outfits involved sweatpants? Yes, sweatpants. Ditch the tired college student look and let yourself be inspired by these outfits that incorporate both style and comfort.


White cotton t shirt

Vans synthetic shoes

Sole Society knapsack bag


Keep it simple with black and white for the start of finals week. A striped jogger will make your legs look longer and the slim fit will make people completely oblivious to the fact that you're rocking sweats. A loose t-shirt will give you the relaxed fit you need when you're cramped in a classroom with all of those people who never actually attended class. A leather backpack and black sneakers pull this look together and make you look sporty and trendy. 


Sanctuary green pants

TOMS flat shoes


Put some color into your sweatpants collection with green joggers. The color will separate you from the masses of gray and black university-brand sweatpants on campus and will certainly not let you look frumpy. Simple TOMS and a black ribbed tank with a layered gold necklace are the finishing touches to this outfit. The necklace is a classy alternative to a scarf and will add the right amount of contrast to your otherwise neutral ensemble.

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Channel your inner Kylie Jenner and wear a cropped sweatshirt and Yeezy-inspired sneakers. This neutral look will give you all of the comfort of your favorite gym outfit, without the workout. High-waisted leggings balance out the cropped look and a leather tote will give you enough room to carry your laptop and post-test snacks.


Athleta white tank

Hard Tail clothing

Red scarve


Substitute your jeans for a classic yoga pant paired with a loose tank and infinity scarf. Your Converse will give this look a cool and crisp vibe and you'll look more "model off-duty" than "college student out of her mind." Score bonus points with a scarf that will keep you warm in the cold lecture halls. 


Activewear pants

Channel your inner rockstar and go for an all-black uniform for Friday. The destroyed look makes these sweats look like jeans while the studded shoes add a little bit of heavy metal style to the end of your exam week. Don't be afraid to hit the post-finals parties in this outfit either! End the week with edge and be happy you left your jeans in the hamper.

We can't all be fashionistas when we're trying to memorize everything we learned in one semester, but when you combine fashion and function, style is a no-brains game. Use these looks to spice up your usual sweatpants uniform and ace your finals in style.