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5 Ways to Style Your Leather Jacket

We all have a leather jacket sitting in our closet somewhere, and if you’re anything like me, it’s been abandoned for a while. However, although a nice leather or faux leather jacket is a basic for most people, there are still plenty of ways to make it your own. It’s time to give new life to your leather jacket.

1. Denim and leather: a match made in heaven

Denim and leather are the ultimate dynamic duo. Denim brings a cool, fresh feel to the edgy punch of a leather jacket. Pairing denim, such as a chambray shirt, under your leather jacket brings something light to the look and can be personalized with your favorite denim wash. This look is perfect for running your daily errands, but you could also tuck your denim into a mini skirt for the perfect night out.

2. Graphically chic

Everyone loves a graphic tee, including our favorite celebs such as Kendall Jenner and her older sis Kim Kardashian. These edgy tees go perfectly with any leather jacket, creating a look no one will want to mess with. Adding a messy pony to the equation only make this look more badass.

3. Patch it up

Adding personalized pins and patches to your leather jacket is the perfect way to make it not-so-basic anymore. After all, no one wants to have the same style as everyone else. Patches and pins can be purchased at craft stores and are a super easy way to put more you into your style.

4. Say what you want

Much like pins and patches, texts and quotes are another easy way to personalize your leather jacket. Pick your favorite quote, line, word or letter and add it to your jacket wherever you like. This way, you have a chic piece that can’t be bought in the store and is uniquely yours. You can iron on the lettering just as you would for a patch.

5. Leather and lace

Leather and lace: a classic duo. It makes the most sense to pair leather with lace since leather can be heavy and hot and lace is light and breezy. It’s no wonder the two have been paired for so long. However, you can bring originality to this combo by trying a lace bodysuit or lingerie piece (if you’re feeling frisky), and the end look is as fierce as can be, perfect for a night out with the girls or a on a date. 

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