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5 Ways to Strengthen Weak Nails

I’ve always been jealous of anybody with thick, long nails. Mine are constantly splitting, breaking, and peeling. They frequently look like stubs and the only way to get them “long” is to keep them constantly painted so they can’t break before they grow out. For a polish fanatic like me… the struggle is real. But the future looks bright—here are five ways to strengthen your nails, and keep them healthy!

1. Biotin

Biotin is the true healer of weak nails. It has B and H vitamins that work together with other vitamins in your body to nourish your hair, nails and skin. Those with weak nails may be lacking the essential vitamin. Of course, before you start to take Biotin pills, you should always consult a doctor and make sure you take the correct dosage.

2. Intense moisturizer

Nails become brittle and weak because they are dry and lack moisture. Using a moisturizer daily, or even a few times a day, can drastically improve your nails and hands. Look for mositurizers that contain Vitamin E, avocado oil, or shea butter like Dermalogica’s Multi-vitamin Hand and Nail Treatment ($26).

3. Fortified nail polishes

While we use nail polish to make our nails look pretty, they can also help strengthen our nails and protect them as well. Consider using polishes that are specifically made for strengthening and improving nails. Sally Hansen Miracle Cure ($8.99) is clear so can be used on its own or as a base coat under your favorite polish. It fills in cracks, stops peeling, and intensely moisturizes to strengthen nails fast!

4. Safe nail polish remover

Pay attention to what you use to remove your polish. Many removers contain formaldehyde and acetone, which can dry nails out, so look for removers with a low acetone percentage, like OPI’s Expert Touch Laquer Remover ($6.09). It hydrates and nourishes nails, but still removes polish fast.

5. Give your nails a break

We hate to say it, but the best and quickest way to help your nails grow strong and healthy is to keep them polish-free. Your nails need to breathe, and unpolished nails also soak up moisturizer better.

What are your tips and trick for maintaining strong, healthy nails, collegiettes? 

Emily is a 21 year old from Alexandria, Virginia who studies marketing at Clemson University. She's an avid traveler and a huge concert junkie, with a knack for nail art. After studying in London she fell in love with the city, and hopes to move to New York and eventually London in the pursuit of a career in fashion. Follow her! Twitter: xxem_ily, Instagram: @em_smoot
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