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5 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Desk Space

By now, most of us have been navigating internships or online classes from our childhood bedrooms for a while, but this new work space just isn’t the same as the one you crafted at school. Even though nothing will change the stress that you might be dealing with, a well-manicured desk space could be the brief return to normalcy that you need. Check out this helpful guide to creating your dream desk, and the best part? Most of these tips incorporate objects that you already own! 

Use cups and mugs for storage

Most people use these to hold their drinks, but they’re actually a great way to store pens, pencils, or other small items on your desk. Nearly any color can work, and this is a great way to make the most of what you have. You definitely don’t have to search for pencil holders, because these will do the same thing and look just as chic! 

DIY a set of bookends

*Calling all readers*

This diy project can be done with the help of some wood, rocks, or cardboard. After painting any of these options to suit your desk aesthetic, they can become the perfect way to organize your books without neglecting style. There are tons of helpful tutorials on platforms like Pinterest and Youtube that will have you on your way to crafting the perfect bookends. 

Add candles 

These are a great way to fill the space. Even if you decide not to light them, a candle with a strong enough scent can create a tranquil space that keeps you focused on the work you’re doing!

Add baskets

Basket organizers are common desk tools but what about literal baskets? Especially since Easter just rolled around, there may be on or two baskets lying around your home. They can be filled with the different magazines, staplers, rolls of tape, and other items that would otherwise be scattered across a desk. 

Add flowers 

This option, which may or may not already be in your home, is a classy way to dress up your desk space. Fake or real flowers will work. Pick a few daffodils from alongside your driveway, or order more subtle faux colors from platforms like Amazon!

Each of these tips can work wonders for a desk revamp so give them a try! You just might find the solution to styling your at-home workspace. 

Victoria Marsh is a recent graduate of Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts in English!
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