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5 Unconventional Holiday Party Outfits That Even Your Most Stylish BFF Would Approve

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We are currently in the midst of holiday season madness, and when you’re not cramming for your finals or trying to find the perfect gift for your bestie, you’re most likely brainstorming how you’re going to upstage your next holiday party. We all love an ugly holiday sweater, but eventually, every single party you attend becomes an overwhelming sea of ugly holiday sweaters. Plus, it costs money to be funny — how on earth could we possibly afford an ugly sweater for all the 12 days of Christmas? Santa better be bringing us a check.

If you know you want to sleigh at your next holiday gathering but don’t want to fall back on the stereotypical looks of Christmas past, these looks below will be totally cute and won’t break your bank (well, we still wouldn’t say no to a check under our tree this year).

1. For your Secret Santa gathering

Your Secret Santa may be a small hangout between you and a few friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stunt if you want to. For a small celebration such as this, find a way to be subtly unique in the details. Include this cozy PacSun beanie, an understated holiday sweater from Loft, and these trendy velvet boot-cut jeans from Warp + Weft. It’ll upgrade your holiday style without being super extra.

2. For your holiday rager

Trying to be naughty at your annual Christmas party or your goodbye sendoff with your friends? This outfit is sure to bring that  ~va va voom~ as you’re passing around the eggnog and stuffing yourself on Christmas cookies. Accessorize this festive Urban Outfitters low-cut red sweater with a surprising Forever 21 body chain. And your pants? They’ll be coal-coated, courtesy of Warp + Weft. Hey, if you’re going to get coal this year, you might as well fully commit!

3. For the fifth…or sixth day of Christmas

Want to wow at your family Christmas dinner without hearing another comment about your ripped jeans from your dear relatives? There are simple ways to reinvigorate your look with some new ideas but still keep it PG for the fam. Check out this unique ruffled sweater from ASOS, Warp + Weft rust-colored straight jeans, and these badass RomWe lace-up platform boots.

4. For your New Year’s Eve bash

Searching for a midnight kiss? Whether you’re at a massive NYE celebration or a simple kickback with your closest friends, you’ll be standing out in the crowd thanks to some of the hottest trends from 2018. End the year with a fashionable bang with this hot velvet crop top from Forever 21, on-point snakeskin boots from RomWe, and these sleek black bootcut jeans from Warp + Weft.

5. For your post-NYE brunch

A post-NYE recovery brunch is not a want, but a need. And what better way to start your 2019 then with brunch with your best girlfriends? Start your 2019 on a tasty AND fashionable note with this comfy teddy coat from What’s Mode, an eye-catching beret from ASOS, and a totally retro denim jumpsuit from Warp + Weft.

End your 2018 and start your 2019 getting innovative and creative with your typical fashion pieces! Our new year’s resolution? Standing out and embracing our quirks, fashion sense and all.

Don’t forget to get all your on-trend holiday essentials from Warp + Weft, your new fave destination for the best fitting jeans, like, ever. HC readers can use the code “HC20” for 20% off through 12/25 (including sale). Happy holidays!

Maddie is a senior majoring in journalism and public relations in the College of Communication at Boston University. Hailing from suburban Philadelphia, Maddie is incredibly happy to be back in Boston for her fourth year. This year, she's looking forward to spending all of her money on brunch, downing lots of coffee, and of course, writing and editing at Her Campus. Outside of Her Campus, Maddie is involved with her sorority and exploring all of Boston.