5 Saucy Pieces To Shop From The Forever 21 x Taco Bell Collab

If there are two things we love to do on a daily basis, it's eating good and looking good. Well, Forever 21 seems to share that vision as they've released a new Taco Bell collection that incorporates the fun and tasty elements of our beloved taco restaurant with wholesome, eye-popping street fashion. Here are my top five favorite pieces from this amusing yet uniquely fashionable Forever 21 x Taco Bell collection.

1. Taco Bell Born Saucy Bodysuit ($17.90)

When I think of a Taco Bell fashion statement, this is exactly what I imagined and more. The familiar motif of our favorite taco condiment is showcased on this bright bodysuit, and suddenly food has become so chic. It's the perfect top to sport your devotion to the spicy sauces, and plus sizes are also available because taco love isn't limited by shape or size.

2. Taco Bell Fleece Knit Hoodie ($22.90)

If you're into Taco Bell but not so into the flashy, bold colors in the collection, then this is the perfect piece for you. Made for a fan of minimalist, monochrome pieces with a little flare, this hoodie definitely fits that bill. 

3. Plus Size Taco Bell Hot Sauce Tee ($15.90)

This collection really appreciates the Taco Bell hot sauces, because after all, they are the most iconic part of this chain's humor. Wear this tee to celebrate sauce in your own trendy way. 

4. Taco Bell Graphic Cropped Hoodie ($22.90)

This may be my favorite piece from the collection as it just looks so on-trend and colorful. Even if it wasn’t branded with a Taco Bell logo, I would still want it in my closet, tbh. This white cropped hoodie is the perfect street fashion statement while still appealing to our Taco Bell love.

5. Taco Bell Tacos 4Ever Tee ($12.90)

The vibe this tee gives off with its cartoonish art style makes it a shirt that can not only appeal to our inner taco fan, but our inner '90s kid as well!

The Forever 21 x Taco Bell collab may have had me a bit skeptical at first, but after seeing the new pieces, I definitely approve of the looks that the two brands were going for. The Forever 21 x Taco Bell collection is now available online and in-store, so go live más with your saucier new wardrobe!